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In my classroom, students earn points for various deeds. The students are always excited to receive a point and continually ask for updated standings. So on this site, I am posting past and current standings. As you can see, there is a competitive spirit. This is good, because points are earned for tasks that benefit the children: completing homework, clean lockers, listening, winning review games, manners, cooperative work, homework pads signed, etc... After each marking period, I tally up the points and students receive prizes and certificates.

Starting in 2007, I will be creating teams each marking period. Points will still be earned the same way as in the past, however, cooperative work will be a big part.


4th Marking Period, Updated: May 18

Team Name: Points
Danny B 9
Gianna 26
Sal 9
Tiffany 4
Kelly 24
Matt F 17
Ben 14
Saijal 15
Vicki 20
Max 7
Quinn 7
Christine 16
Hannah 30
Sage 11
Matthew M 14
Cindy 19
Veer 5
Patrick 6
Madelyn 17
Jordan 25
Danny V 15
Justin 17

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