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Tips For Good Listeners

1. While the teacher is talking, think about what he or she is saying. Try to figure out what the teacher is leading up to before he or she actually reaches a conclusion.
2. Try to think about something you already know which has something to do with what the teacher is talking about. That'll help you remember and understand the teacher better. For example, if the teacher is giving a math lesson on money. He/she is teaching the class how to figure out change after buying something. Maybe this reminds you of a time when you went to the store and bought something. As long as you think about how you figure out the change then you are not being distracted. However, beware! Don't start thinking about the next time you go to the mall and what you want to buy- then you will be daydreaming. This tip takes practice
3. Picture in your minds what is being said. Some people find it easier to listen and remember if they use their imaginations to make "mental pictures." For example, if the teacher tells you about the color of a house, try to picture that in your mind. Then change or add to your picture as the teacher adds more information about the house. For example, the teacher may say, "There was a garage on the right side of the house." Then you would add that garage to your "mental picture."
4. Try to pick out the words that tell you about the order in which things happen. Words like: after, before, then, next, first, second, last. It is easier to remember things like stories when you remember the order.
5. While listening, avoid deciding how you feel about what you are hearing. Listen first!-then decide how you feel. Your feeling can get in the way if you start to get excited, sad, or angry while somebody is reading/saying something. Wait until the teacher is finished first!- then let your feelings take over.
6. Practice your listening skills every day. Try to hard to make eye contact with someone you are listening to.
7. Have good posture. When you slouch in your chair, you don't allow yourself to be ready to listen. When you sit up staight, your body is ready to listen to just about anything.
8. Concentrate on what is being said. Try not to be distracted by noisy neighbors, something outside the window, or something you might be playing with in your desk. Move your body in a position so that you can ignore those things.
9. Think of great questions to ask while the teacher is having a lesson. When you ask yourself questions, you really are listening-because you are trying to understand what the teacher is saying.

Do you think you are a good listener....? Well come take the quiz.....

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