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Are You A Good Listener?

Directions: On a separate sheet of paper, number each line from 1 to 10. Then answer each question below with "yes" or "no". Then count the number of "yes" responses you have after you answer all the questions. Use that number as your score. See what kind of listener you are by looking at the chart on the bottom.

1. Do you usually look at the person who is speaking?
2. At you listen in class, do you write down (take notes on) the main ideas of the lesson?
3. Do you avoid changing the subject in a conversation?
4. Can you usually remember what someone has said without having it repeated?
5. Do you try to be a good listener at home?
6. Do you keep from interrupting when someone else is talking to you?
7. Do you keep from daydreaming when others speak?
8. Are you usually interested in what others have to say?
9. Do you keep from drawing or doodling when others speak?
10. Do you join in on classroom discussions?

Count up all your "yes" answers:
If you score is...:
9 or 10 What a great listener you are! People probably enjoy talking to you. You should have many friends. Say, "hurrah!" four times.
7 or 8 Sounds like you listen most of the time! Maybe your mind wanders now and then but you probably make good grades. Shake hands with two other people while saying, "every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better," three times.
5 or 6 You sometimes listen but, more often than not, your mind is drifting away to thoughts of summer days at the beach. You may interrupt because you're not following what's going on. Say, "I can listen," two times.
Less than 5 Listening is hard for you! Are you more interested in what youhave to say? Check up on your grades. Maybe better listening would help. Say, "I'm listening, I'm listening," three times.