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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

By Students, Parents, and Teachers

Why do I use a green pen?

When I was a student-teacher, my cooperating teacher(the one who helped me learn teaching) would let me grade some of her papers. She used red pens. I decided to use a different color so that the students knew who graded their work. I liked the color green. So, I kept on using it.

Why do I come to school so early in the morning?

Only one word answers that question-Traffic!!

Why do we have "surprise" quizzes?

When I give a quiz, I am also testing myself. "Did I do a good job teaching this unit?" If my class does well, we move on to something else. If the students struggle on the quiz, I go back and reteach it. My quizzes are not made to see if a student has been studying at home but if a student has been listening and understanding what is going on in class. That's why they are a "surprise." Finally, these quizzes help prepare children for tests. They can be used as study guides. I rather a student be surprised about questions on a quiz than on a test!!!

Do I enjoy teaching?

I love everything about it!

Why don't I eat meat?

Mostly out of love for animals and to have good health- although I occasionally eat chicken or turkey. However, I never encourage a young person to adopt this kind of diet. A growing boy or girl should have a balanced diet.

What sports teams do I like?

I grew up playing football and basketball. So those are my favorite sports. I have season tickets to Giants games. But I do watch all sports. I also like the Timberwolves, Mets, Devils, and Red Bulls.

Did I always know that I wanted to be a teacher?

Actually, no. When I went to college, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do. As a child, I was interested in astronomy, cartography (map-making), and veterinary science. When I went to college I studied pharmacy and psychology. Eventually, I discovered the great field of teaching. Being a teacher allows me to be an astronomer, cartographer, animal-lover, psychologist, and other jobs all at the same time.

Why do you do the "Word of the Day?"

It helps with our vocabulary. We learn about 150 words each year- to make our writing and speaking more interesting and mature.

What is your favorite season?

Spring- I like the temperature to be around 70 degrees. Over that, and its too hot for me. I also like to work outside without so many insects around.

What kind of student was I when I was in elementary school?

In first or second grade, I got O.K. grades, but I improved them as I got older. I usually got A's in math and science. My lower grades were in writing and reading. I was not good at spelling either-until my mother forced me to study every night- Now I think I am a pretty good speller. In school, I was good at sports- so gym was a favorite.

Do I have pets?

I have a chocolate lab named Nestle.

Who is my favorite student?

I'll decide that when I retire-lol.