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~ Student News ~

     During this month in Mr.Krygierís classroom we have been doing persuasive paragraphs in writing. In Social Studies we have been learning about the battle of Trenton and Valley Forge. Mr. Krygier changes the helper list every week, like he has since the beginning of the school year. The Battle of the Books is right in the middle of February. We are reading like bookworms! Right now in Grammar, we are learning about adjectives. That is what we are learning about in Mr. Krygiers fifth grade class.
by Jared

     The things we are doing in class are things like creative writing. The next thing we are about to do in writing is called a recipe poem. In social studies we are learning about the Declaration of Independence. Mr. Krygier also puts a phobia on the board every morning and we have to guess that phobia. Every day surprisingly there are things in the depository. The depository is like a lost and found. If you leave something in your desk and someone comes in and then puts it in the depository. Tomorrow we are having a spelling test on unit 9. Every Friday we have a spelling test. That is what we have been doing.


These past weeks have been a lot of fun. The lunches are fantastic and the new lunch ordering system is great! I canít wait until we have Christmas break. Science has been going well. I canít wait to get the test back. Math has also been going well. Social Studies is great and I like roll playing!! The lockers keep getting easier to open, but bottom lockers are not as good as top lockers. The buddies are fantastic especially Mrs. Lunquistís who are our buddies. Everything is perfect in here!! By Jonathan

     First the lockers are cool. They take a little time to master but after that you will be dying to open them over and over again. Second the class has matured so we all get along better then the past years. I think this will really prepare us for middle school. I canít wait till the year progresses. By Jake