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Class of 2005-2006
Welcome to the page which shows just some of the great work that our class has completed this year. I want to thank Mrs. Margulis for typing out many of these essays for us. You can read the following work completed: self-similes, favorite place to be, narrative essay about receiving advice, and school subject poems.

This year's theme was dog breeds. Each student chose a different breed as a symbol. Underneath each dog picture you will find some of the "favorites" each child has.

Liam's Favorites
Buddy: Nicholas G

Sam's Favorites
Buddy: Jason

Kevin's Favorites
Buddy: Michael B

Emma's Favorites
Buddy: Ethan

Kaitlyn's Favorites
Buddy: Gianna

Kelly's Favorites
Buddy: Julia

Trevor's Favorites
Buddy: Sean

Paige's Favorites
Buddy: Jason

Michael's Favorites
Buddy: Patrick

Eric's Favorites
Buddy: Kyle

June's Favorites
Buddy: Nicholas M

Kalie's Favorites
Buddy: Cynthia

Kristen's Favorites
Buddy: Alana

Samantha's Favorites
Buddy: Ashley

Salena's Favorites
Buddy: Katie

Christy's Favorites
Buddy: Allison

Gemma's Favorites
Buddy: Jamie

Ryan's Favorites
Food-Chicken Wings
Buddy: Benjamin

Alexandra's Favorites
Buddy: Quinn

Mark's Favorites
Buddy: Patrick

Gerry's Favorites
Buddy: Matthew

Daniel's Favorites
Buddy: Salvatore

Amal's Favorites

Future Student

Christy's Section

Christy is as pretty as a supermodel.
She is quick like a cheetah catching its prey.
Her hair is as blond as a pot of gold.
Christy is flexible like a rubberband.
She is as fashionable as a fashion designer.
Her artistic drawing is like a sunset on the beach.
Christy is as smart as a dolphin.
She is happy like a puppy getting a treat.
I like gym because itís fun.
To run.
Gym is just so fun
In the sun.
In gym we like doing the mile.
We donít smile.
Mondays and Wednesdays we go to gym.
We donít swim.
In gym outside we play.
In May.
The gym teacher is the best.
No tests.

My Basement
     My favorite place is my basement. It is one of the best rooms in my house. It is very noisy when my brothers come in. Also very silent when nobody is in it. When it is raining the air smells damp, musty, and old. Itís taste is sour. The rugs are soft and enormous. Also my basement is colorful. Sometimes it gets really dirty. That is why I love my basement.

Worst Experience Ever

     One day I went to go try out for traveling softball. I was really nervous. I started practicing with my brother and mom. When we got to the tryouts I was super nervous. I saw the other girls trying out. They were all bigger than me.

     When we got started we were catching and throwing. I thought it was going out well. Then the coach was batting pop ups. I couldnít do it. The balls kept hitting me and hurting me.

     I pretended to go to the bathroom, but I ran to my mom crying. I was just so scared and nervous. I cried for an hour. Then my two year old neighbor cheered me up. I was happy again.

Daniel's Section

Soccer Fields
     The soccer field is the best type of field. The grass is green and the poles are white and shiny like a skyscraper. You can hear the players screaming loudly or the rhythmic sound of cleats hitting the ground. The grass is rough like sand-paper. I love the sweet taste of the fruit I eat at half-time. You can even smell the freshly chopped grass. The soccer field is definitely the best type of field.
In gym we get to run.
Thatís fun.
So you think itís fun to jump rope
The mile is fun to run.
In sun.
How many pull-ups can you do?
Only two.
In the pilo polo tournament we get to play.
Start today.
In gym we get to play.
On Wednesday.

Soccer Tryout

     Soccer is my favorite sport. I still remember my first tryout. Only eleven people made the A team, eleven people made the B team, and five people got cut.

     There were two tryouts. After the first tryout I was worried. I wasnít playing well and there were a lot of good players. After the second tryout however, I was playing better than I had aver played before.

     Even though I played really good, I wasnít sure if I would make the team. But then after a month of waiting I got a call. It said, ďCongratulations, you made the team!Ē

Emma's Section

Emma's braces are as green as a frog.
She is funny like a clown.
The girl is quick like a rabbit.
She likes milk as much as cats.
This fifth grader likes snow as much as wooly mammoths.
She is as odd as a marshmellow with eyes.
She is quiet like a mouse.
A super great subject is math.
I laugh.
Which number is greater than the other?
Ask another.
Do you know what is 26 x 2?
Do you?
Math is sometimes complicated.
Itís overrated!
But sometimes it is cool.
For school.
Some parts of math are fine.
No crime.

     I like track a lot. I am a sprinter so I run relays. The fastest team is the A team. Coaches list who is on the A team.

     One day I was on the list. I was in a frenzy because my friends were on it too. Even if I was the slowest one in the A team I was the fastest one in my age group.

     I was really excited. I bragged to everybody. It was great.

Eric's Section

Eric is as swift as a cheetah.
He can be artistic like Vincent Van Gogh.
He's as annoying as being stung by ten bees a month for a year.
He is as lazy as a sloth.
This boy is as tough as a rock.
My breath is oniony like fifty onions put together.

There's a big color chart.
It's a start.
Thereís a weird crayon, an oil pastel
It smells.
Art is sooooooo fun.
Iím stunned.
There marker writes with ink.
Donít drink.

My Favorite Place
     Itís my familyís vacation house. It looks enormous. When weíre not there, itís vacant. Itís in New York so we donít get to go often. It sometimes smells like cows because thereís a barn next to it. It also smells like gasoline because my family has a lot of vehicles. The house is pretty old, so there is chopped up point. If you smell the air in the house it smells nice. If you go outside, cows moo pretty loud. Flies are by the windows so there are buzzing noises now and then. Itís about my favorite place. What about yours?

     My karate class is fun. Iím glad I signed up for it. It encourages me to do more sports.

     My first class I felt nervous. I felt nervous that I might do something wrong or embarrassing. I also felt excited because it was my first class. After the class was done, I felt really excited to take more classes.

     I love doing karate. I hope a lot of other people do karate for self-defense. Itís a great way to learn.

Gemma's Section

Gemma's hair is as blonde as the sun.
Gemma is as nice as a puppy playing outside.
Gemma is as short as a munchkin.
She dances like a kitten playing with a ball of yarn.
Her are eyes are as blue as a pool.
She is as fun as a pig rolling around in the mud.
Gym is always fun.
A ton.
I always makes you grin.
Youíre slim.
We always have gym last.
A blast.
In gym we sometimes sweat.
Get wet.
In gym we get really hot.
A lot.

My Room
     My favorite place is my room because it always smells clean and refreshing. Its sometimes loud when my sister is yelling. I like it because the air tastes salty. The wall feels hollow when I touch it. That is why I love my room.

     The first time I tried out for dance class, I was scared that maybe I wasnít going to get in. Yet I did because I was good at the dancing steps. I loved knowing that I got in. I have the nicest teacher. The best part is that itís only for girls. My sister is in it too! Itís my first year and I am pretty good. I am going to keep doing dancing.

Gerry's Section

Gerry's eyes are as green as leaves.
This fifth grader is athletic like a Major League baseball player.
He's fast like an ostrich.
This student is as funny as a comedian.
He's as smart as Albert Einstein.
This student is as creative as Michaelangelo.
This boy is as noisy as a band player.
He has brown hair like a beaver.
My favorite subject is definitely gym.
Donít swim.
Miss Klein every day asks us to run
Not in the sun.
Gym is the most exciting but itís only twice a week.
We donít get weak.
We shoot hoops but not a lot.
Made a shot.
We do a lot of things and jump rope.
Not in a slope.
When weíre done with the mile.
We smile.

My Favorite Place
     The muni field is my favorite place. It is a diamond thatís enormous with lights. You can smell the refreshing air that cools you down. The people talking and shouting for us with the chirping birds. The rocky dry field makes you get injured when you slide. When I play I always have that salty sunflower seed taste in my mouth. Thatís why I donít like playing away.

Baseball Tryouts

     One day in the summer there were baseball tryouts on the Muni fields. We first all ran together. Then we hit. They are looking for players that enjoy it. There is pitching too. We field the ball in the infield to see if you can pick up a ground ball. Then they hit pop flys. You have to catch a certain amount. They sometimes have two tryouts.

June's Section

June's hair is as black as night.
This student is as kind as a mother.
She swims like a fish.
This girl is as swift as a falcon.
She is athletic like a racehorse.
Gym gives us exercise and lots of fun.
Number one.
Dungeons and Dragons is one cool game
Not lame.
Pilo polo is one game that we play.
We like to swing on the rope.
Donít mope.
Gym is really challenging and exciting too.
Donít boo.
In gym we play games all the time.
Not crime.
We play different sports all through the year.
Letís cheer.

     My treehouse is wonderful! If you looked at it you would be dumbfounded. It is in a tall sturdy tree. Inside itís shady and cool almost all of the time. If you go inside you can see it is very small. You can find chirping birds in the branches and numerous leaves rustling all around you. Sometimes it is silent when the wind is not blowing or all the birds are other places. My treehouse is very peaceful. Itís usually fresh but after it rains it has a stale, musty odor. You will find my treehouse is rough and brawny. My treehouse is my favorite place. Itís not mediocre. My treehouse rules!

Violin Practice

     Violin is great! I started playing it in third grade. When I got my violin from the music shop, I started playing with it. I used the bow and plucked the strings.

     When my violin lessons started, I was nervous and excited. Alexa, Ellie, William, and Sanji were in my class with me. When my strings teacher walked in, she told us the history of the Strings Family. Then she introduced herself. After that we played ďMary had a Little LambĒ. It was really fun! I wasnít bad.      I played violin 3rd through 4th grade. Now I am going to play in 5th grade. I think everyone should play violin.

Kailie's Section

Kailie has brown eyes like coffee.
She dances like a professional.
Her smile is like the moon.
She is as creative as an artist.
This girl is as noisy as a monkey.
The Cedar Hill student is as talented as a jazz dancer.
When we go to gym we jump rope.
Letís hope.
We always run the track
Thatís a fact.
All of us have to do the shuttle run.
Itís fun.
We go outside to do the mile.
For a while.
All the fun exciting games that we play.
In the day.

My Room
     My most favorite place is my room. It is clean most of the time. My mom painted my walls purple. She needed a lot of assistance, but it turned out great. The rugs are soft when you walk on it with bare feet. I donít like to make my bed, so thatís why itís so messy. When I am reading or studying, my room is quiet. T.V. makes my room so loud. When I sneak candy into my room it makes my room smell sweet. Sometimes when I open my windows the fresh air knocks the sweet smell out. Also the wind knocks my CDs over too. I have a numerous amount of CDs. Thatís why my room is one of my favorite places.

The Big Tryout

     I walked into my dance school nervously. I had to tryout for the second act of the recital. We were doing the Wiz! Wait, let me tell you from the beginning.

     So, I was at dance toiling for the competition that was coming up. Then my dance teacher told us that all of us had to tryout for the second half of the recital. She said that the tryouts were tomorrow! I got so nervous. What if I get a stupid part like a munchkin! I was also thinking, what if I dance with one of the main characters! That would be cool! I could be a little scarecrow, a little tin man, or even a little lion! I was so nervous.

     It was the next day already! I had a lot of excitement and I was nervous at the same time. When I got there I sat in the waiting room with all the girls. My dance teacher called three names. Guess who they were! Me and two other girls. I went in and they put on a song. I had to dance. When we were done, she told us that the list will be on the board in two days. I had so much frenzy. The days went by and it was finally the day!

     I went to the dance school, I looked at the board and I wasÖÖa little tin man!

     I was so nervous about trying out and I got a great part! I was so happy!

Kaitlyn's Section

My first day in fifth grade, I was anxious as a turtle.
When I met my teacher, Mr. Krygier, I felt as quiet as a mouse.
I was as happy as a monkey.
My friends were as nice as puppies.
The first day went as quickly as a snap.
School is as fun as my dog when he plays catch with me.

Kelly's Section

Kelly is as smart as a dolphin.
Her hair is as long as a giraffe's neck.
She is as swift as a cheetah.
Kelly is creative like an author.
The fifth grader is as artistic as a terrific painter.
Her hair is as dark as the bottom of the ocean.
She is talented like an athlete.
This girl is noisy like a dog barking at the moon.
Addition I can do real well.
Do tell.
Subtraction I can do with ease
Teach me please.
Multiplication is really cool.
Like school.
I think division is not that easy.
Feel queasy.
Algebra I really, really hate.
I think math is the best.
You confessed.

My Room
     One of my favorite places is my room. Right when you walk into it, youíll notice how colorful it is. I have a very big and pretty room. I donít think itís too messy either. My room is warm most of the time, except on mornings. The carpet on the floor is really soft. It feels good walking on it. In some places it may be a little dusty, but not too much. When Iím frustrated or angry I go into my room to cool down. Thatís because itís peaceful and quiet. My room is refreshing. It also has a little bit of clean clothing smell. The taste of the air in my room is sweet. Maybe because Iíve got a pile of candy in it. Those are some of the reasons that my room is one of my favorite places.

The Talent Show

     When I tried out for the talent show I was really nervous. It was my first time trying out for something. When they called, ďNext, Kelly Mao!Ē I walked for what felt like an hour. My legs were growing frailer by the second.

     I was going to play a piano piece for the talent show. I sat down on the rolling stool that they gave to me and started playing. I usually sat on a bench that didnít move while I played piano, so I made lots of mistakes. After that, I found out that I didnít make it.      I didnít feel sad. I wasnít really ready to play in front of so many people anyway. Maybe next time!

Kevin's Section

Kevin's eyes are as blue as the sky.
This eleven-year old boy is smart like a scientist.
He is as quick as a cheetah.
He's as athletic as an Olympic runner.
This fifth grader is creative like Leonardo DaVinci.


     One day I was going to my baseball tryouts. On the way there I was really nervous. My hands were shaking and my stomach ached.

     I really wanted to make the team. But I didnít want to make the team without my best friend Timmy on the team. When I got there the coach called my over to stretch with the other kids.

     After we stretched we took a couple of laps around the field. Then we hit in the batting cages, and fielded ground balls. Next, we caught fly balls. Finally, the tryouts were over and I went home. The next day the coach called and said I made the team.

Kristen's Section

Kristen is as short as a shrimp.
She is tidy like a vacuum.
Sometimes she is as noisy as a woodpecker.
This fifth grader is as skinny as a rail.
She is a good friend like a dog.
She is happy like a hippy.
Art is so much fun.
Youíve won.
Painting, weaving and more!
Itís a store!
Sharp pencils and color pencils.
No stencils.
Thereís lots of color in the room.
No brooms.
Letís draw a lake.
Not a cake.
Letís use crayons or paint.
Donít faint.

The Beach
     My favorite place is the beach. The ocean smells like seaweed. Its taste is as salty as a cracker. The sound of the ocean could be calm or rhythmic. You even can hear the birds chirping. When you can see the blue waves and golden sand. Sometimes the sand can be warm or cold. That is why my favorite place is the beach.

Gymnastics Tryouts

     I had so much frenzy the day I tried out for gymnastics. A few days before I was toiling. The day of the tryouts I was so nervous, but I knew my hard work would pay off.

     So I got in my momís car and went to the tryouts. When we got there I was practicing. Finally the owner called my name! I was so nervous. I made it for the first time! I was so happy!

     It was a few weeks after the tryouts. I went outside to get the mail with my mom. I got a letter and it said there were more tryouts! So I did them. I practiced so much. When me and my mom got there, it was my turn! I was first! I was so scared. I did not make it so I joined regular gymnastics.

Liam's Section

Liam is funny like a hyena.
He has hair as black as licorice.
This student is lazy like a sloth.
Mr. Gibson is as intelligent as a chimpanze.
Liam is as athletic as a cheetah.
Mrs. Klein is lots of fun.
Sheís #1.
The mile takes a lot of work
We over work.
Dungeons and Dragons lets play.
We sit in five long rows.
Which she chose.
When we do our fitness stations we jump rope.
Letís hope.

My Den
     My den is my favorite place. It is filled with noises from the television. You can smell a refreshing aroma of plants. If you were there you would see dirt and my pets everywhere. The walls are ruged and the floor is warm. Itís also filled with yelling. In the air tastes like cat hair and boritos. That is why I keep my parents and sister out.

     I tried out for traveling baseball, either A or B. We had tryouts two days. I was nervous and excited. I wanted to make the A. They were judging us on how good we are.

     One of my friends didnít think I could even make it. I was really nervous now, it felt like I could barely move. When the results finally came in, I made B. I was mad but I was glad I at least made the team.

Paige's Section

Paige's hair is as blonde as spun gold.
She is fast like a cheetah.
Paige is creative like an artist.
She is funny as a comedian.
She is clean like a new car.
Paige is as smart as a dolphin.
She is happy like a horse getting a carrot.
She is as friendly as a puppy.
We do challenges all year long.
Go on.
The mile run is a lot of time
No crime.
In gym you get to play a game.
Do you claim?
It is the track where you run.
Is it fun?
Gym is where you kick a ball.
Not the hall?
Miss Klein is number one!
She is fun!

     Aruba is great! It is one of my favorite places. The best part is to see the salty ocean and the warm sand. I love the tropical drinks; they are the best drinks I ever had. Do you want to hear wonderful music? Go to the beach. Go in the water to get all nice and wet, because it gets very hot there. When you are there you know because you can smell all the oily suntan lotion. It feels great when you are lying down in the soft golden sand hearing the crashing waves. I hope one day you will go to Aruba. Have fun!


     One day I tried out for soccer. I was so scared and nervous when we were driving to the field. I saw all the girls were there too, practicing with the soccer ball.

     I started the try-outs by dribbling, shouting and passing. When we were finished trying out, everybody went home.      Then a few days after soccer try-outs, the phone rang. I heard three words and they were, ďYou made it!Ē I was so excited. It changed my life by having something to do now and it is now my favorite sport.

Ryan's Section

Ryan is as funny as a comedian.
My hair is as brown as a tree.
This fifth grader is a leader like a president.
He is as smart as Albert Einstein.
I'm as tall as a basketball player.
My favorite subject is art.
Made a chart.
She made me use a broom
Swept the room.
We dry our work on a rack.
Itís packed.
Today we drew a car.
Door was ajar.
Today we used a brush.
A rush.
So thatís what we learned in art.
Favorite part.

My Favorite Place
     My favorite place is my room. It is so loud that it feels like your activity there. It smells like what my mom is cooking. It smells like you can just take a huge bite and taste it. When you look inside, it makes you want to go in. It is so smooth and bumpy. That is my favorite place to be.

The Boy That Failed

     I tried out for fall ball team. Since there was no more sports to play. I did the best I ever did. All that hard work was for nothing. I did not make the team.

Salena's Section

Salena's sweet like candy.
This girl is a short as a munchkin.
She is annoying like a cricket.
This fifth grader is as friendly as a black lab.
She's acrobatic like a monkey.
I love art much to much.
O hush.
My favorite thing to do is paint
Donít faint.
This monthís project is lots of fun!
With suns.
Thereís lots of art in this room.
Some brooms.
Art is actually really cool.
For school.
We donít use any stencils.
Just pencils.

     My favorite place to be is Florida. Florida is a very peaceful and colossal place. Everytime I go there, I hear a lovely chirping sound. It has the smell of sea food and newly bloomed flowers! Thatís why my family goes there ever two years!


     I love acro! Basically the whole year is tryouts. If you donít succeed in one thing, it limits you from moving on. I worked really hard last year, so I moved on. But the kids that are really tall, my teacher has to ask another person to spot for back handsprings. She canít do it alone because sheís having a baby.

     I can do a back handspring all by myself, but some people canít. It seems hard, but really, itís pretty easy!

     I think other people should give it a try! Anyone can do it if they put their mind to it!

Sam's Section

Sam is as nice as a dog.
He is funny like a monkey.
This fifth grader is as fast as a cheetah.
He is as skinny as his sister.
He is smart like Albert Einstein.
Sam is as active as a jackrabbit.
He is quiet like a mouse.
The boy is as playful as a puppy.
In art I like to paint.
Open the gate.
I love art so much
Get in touch.
In art I like to draw.
Thatís my law.
I think art is so much fun.
In the sun.
Art must be very good.
I stood misunderstood.
I know I love art.
Please start.

My Room
     My room is one of my favorite places. It is full of really great things. You can hear my door slamming when Iím walking in and out of my great room. You can also hear paper turning when Iím reading my very cool magazines. You can also hear annoying covers when Iím pulling up covers from my comfortable bed. You can see and touch my bed, chair, closet, wall, door, and my great magazines. You can smell my refreshing room and stinky dirty clothes. You can taste good air. My room is a very nice place. Thatís why my room is one favorite place.


     I really like doing guitar. It is fun playing different songs. An important thing about playing guitar is practicing. Also another thing is tuning the guitar. I play a classical guitar.

     The guitar has six strings. I have been playing guitar for two years. The first string is called ďEĒ. The second string is called ďBĒ. The third string is called ďGĒ. The fourth string is called ďDĒ. The fifth string is called ďAĒ and the sixth string is call ďEĒ. I think everyone should play the guitar.

Samantha's Section

Samantha has green eyes like seaweed.
She is as nice as a monkey.
The girl is as intelligent as a calculator.
Her blonde hair is as bright as the sun.
This student is as funny as a comedian.
This fifth grader is as tall as a tree.
My favorite thing is to sing.
In the spring.
I love Music, itís so fun
In the sun.
In this special Music we sing.
Let it ring.
We all have to compose.
Not in shows.
We play lots of games.
Not the same.
Music is a favorite subject of mine.
I rhyme.


     Tennis is fun! The first time I walked on to the tennis court, I was both nervous and excited. First they tested us on our forehands. Then backhand and volleys.

     After that they told us who was in and who was out. They my brother and I we were in. So then we stretched and met the coaches.      Then we did our relays and went with our coaches. My coach was Coach Kat. Then we played games like King or Queens of the Court, jail, skyball, and alligator. It was the best day of my life!