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This Year's Astronauts

This Year's Astronauts

Acrostic Poems
Date of birth is November 10th.
A very nice person
No brothers or sisters
A fan of basketball
Very athletic
Into football
Nice to Alex and Ben
Cherries are most favorite
Entertainment by hockey
Nice to friends
Talks a lot
Mashed potatoes I love
Always nice to other people
Runs a lot at recess
Creative at drawing pictures
Excited when I win things
Like doing spelling
Loves marcaroni and cheese
Europe I have went to
Beds are fun
Running is my favorite sport
I have brown hair
Alot of friends
Needs to be next in line
Now I got my new bed
Aconstellation was for homework
Knows how to skateboard
Alot of brothers and sisters
Very athletic at sports
Always gets a new skateboard
New pool stick from my dad
Districtive during tests
Active in class
Never stops talking
Ilike hockey
Entertained with sports
Likes control line planes
Such a good artist
Yellow is my favorite color
Doesnít like school
Nice and caring
Even Stevens is my favorite show
Yes, I like dogs
Likes the planet Saturn
Entertament by monkeys
Only has one brother
Now I am in third grade
Adragon is my favorite
Really like my game boy
Do not like football
Does not like bees and spiders
Ihave two sisters and one brother
Asuper artist in the family
Knows a lot
Ihave two sisters
My hamster died
Bored a lot of time
Everyday I watch TV
Really like art
Likes to swim
Yaps a lot
Been a great friend
Entertained with sports
Now knows a lot
Jess is my sister
A good guy
My favorite animal is a monkey
A lot of sports
Now, has many friends
Jumping is fun for me
Orange and cream is my favorite drink
Never stops talking
A great person
The best at baseball
He enjoys having friends over
Always comes up with ideas
Nice to people
Nice to friends
Investigates mysteries
Cheering is fun
One brother
Loves to relax
Entertaining to family
A very good student
Likes gymnastics
Eats a lot of food
Kangaroo is my least favorite animal
Hates writing
Afraid of ghosts
Actively plays
Likes to play soccer
Entertained by art
Xmas is my favorite holiday
Adores reading
Just a little funny
A horse is my favorite animal
My mom says I will be a good soccer player
I have three birds, a dog, a guinea pig, a turtle
Eats all the time
My favorite sport is football
A good football player
Really likes to play
Can be nice in school playing
One baby cousin, Julia
Jazz is fun to me
Entertaining to my family
Sisters are all over the house
So smart and very flexible
I have glasses
Cheering is very fun to me
A great dancer
Now knows how to write script
Is in third grade
Knows how to play baseball
Only has two stepbrothers
Likes dogs a lot Entertained by riding horses
Jolly kid that likes the Mets
Awesome kid that likes science
Creative with writing stories
On my house there is a birds' nest
Be nice to all my friends
Taller than my sister
Really love my dog
Every Saturday I play roller hockey
Very funny
Older than my sister
Really likes hockey
Athletic with sports
Likes my friends
Enjoys watching TV
Xbox I want to get

Autumn Haikus
Squirrels eat acorns
The leaves change and fall off too
It gets very cold

By Dia

October is now
The leaves are brown and yellow
Pumpkin pie is good

By Kavan

Playing forever
Seeing the bunches of leaves
Leaves are falling now

By Nik

School will start in it
The season has Halloween
You can jump in leaves

By Kimberly

People wear sweaters
Leaves are scarlet and orange
We play and jump

By Sydney

A very fun time
It is very cold at night
People dressing up

By Alex

Red, yellow, green, brown
You can jump in the leaves now
It starts to get cold

By Jacob

Leaves are falling down
Halloween is in the month
It can get frigid

By Dana

I love that season
Election Day is in it
The leaves are pretty

By Alekha

Some leaves are yellow
You get to pick some pumpkins
Leaves keep on falling

By Ben

It has lots of leaves
You can rake them in a bunch
You get some candy

By Vincent

You can find acorns
The leaves blow around a lot
You get some pumpkins

By Marcelle

Some leaves are scarlet
I put up decorations
I see the leaves fall

By Nicole

Oh so colorful
Now the leaves will start to fall
Apple pies, yum, yum

By Alexa

I pick pumpkins now
Octoberís in the season
A fun time to rake

By Jon

September is fun
I like to play in the leaves
Pumpkins are orange

By Brianna

Rake the leaves right now
I like playing in the leaves
October is now

By Leonard

People close their pools
Two holidays are in it
People eat turkey

By Jamie

Halloween is fun
You can pile up in the leaves
I will trick or treat

By Trevor

Like to eat turkey
Can make a pile of leaves
It has Halloween

By Marco

Time to pick apples
Pumpkin carving is right now
Squirrels are very cute

By Daniel

October is fun
The leaves come down from the trees
I pumpkin pick too

By Jessica

Quatrains of School Specials

Mrs. Janowicz teaches us new instruments every time.
She teaches us how to play the brass.
The beat of an instrument has a rhyme.
Once a week we will have class.

By Brianna

Mr. Marra is very nice.
He has a snake skin in class.
We play games twice.
We can make pictures with grass.

By Ben

When you go to it you can play with a ball.
You can shoot a basketball through the game.
But in it you canít hit the wall.
To get a basket youíll need good aim.

By Jon

It is on Tuesday too.
You draw pictures a lot.
It is super to do.
You can draw a big pot.

By Nik

There are lots of books.
I go to the check out.
Go and get a book about cooks.
Go get a book about a pigís snout.

By Leonard

We make a wonderful project.
You draw beautiful pictures here.
You shouldnít even make a wreck.
No one in my class fears.

By Jacob

You get to run around the place.
We get to play lots of games.
The ball can hit you in the face.
You can shoot at the basketball hoop and aim.

By Marcelle

This special is fun to do.
You learn new letters every week.
You can learn computers too.
At your fingers, canít take a peek.

By Alekha

My teacherís name is Ms. Klein.
You play this really fun game.
She lets us ride on a vine.
She has this walking lane.

By Vincent

In this class you can sing and sing.
We have this class every week.
You can make instruments ring.
You can make instruments speak.

By Kimberly

I love to participate in this class.
I donít like to make moving cars.
I am really bad at drawing glass.
It is really easy to make stars.

By Jamie

It is the best class of the 2005 year.
It is so superb.
You should not worry because Mr. Marra is here.
You are doing many verbs.

By Marco

We play a lot of songs.
Mrs. Janowicz isnít cruel.
The instruments go bong bong bong.
You will need an instrumental tool.

By Alex

This special makes me smart.
I use pens and pencils.
There are paper and paint on a cart.
Sometimes I have to use stencils.

By Nicky

Spanish is fun to do.
Spanish numbers are easy to say.
If youíre stuck she gives you a clue.
Spanish is at the end of the day.

By Sydney

Applets are fun to do.
The hand soap reeks.
You can type words like ďmooĒ.
I have it every few weeks.

By Daniel

This special is before snack.
The paint brushes are big and small.
When free drawing use the front and back.
Hear Mrs. Stevens loud, loud, call.

By Alexa

You get to check out lots of books.
The computer has Spectrom Five.
I will go get books about cooks.
It seems that the books are alive.

By Dia

Ms. Klein is a person who is nice.
The games we play are lots of fun.
I can go around the track twice.
When doing crunches I weigh a ton.

By Dana

Valentine Terse Verse Poetry

What do you call these rhyming riddles?
Terse Verse

Mr. K

What do you call a babyís bed that is made out of bones?
A Rib Crib


What do you call meat thatís not real?
A Sam Ham


What do you call a bird that canít chirp?
A No Cluck Duck


What do you call candy on the red planet?
Mars Bars


What do you call a flower that is slacking?
A Lazy Daisy

Nicole D

What do you call a place where you get a good view?
A Right Sight


What do you call an interesting place of learning?
A Cool School


What do you call an animal that is invisible?
A Fog Dog


What do you call a wire that is in a fictional story?
A Fable Cable


What do you call an animal that got ran over?
A Flat Cat


What kind of animal goes on a boat?
A Sail Whale


What do you call a cat that has things on itís paws?
Kittenís Mittens


What do you call it when a family smiles at the same time?
A Kin Grin


What do you call the sun when itís hot?
A Bright Light


What do you call a sweating pooch?
A Jog Dog


When did a phrase put a pencil to a paper?
When a Quote Wrote


What do you call a drawing that is shaped like a pasta?
A Noodle Doodle


What do you call 24 hours at the beach?
A Bay Day


What do you call a battle on a plane?
A Flight Fight


Where do you go to get scared by animals?
A Boo Zoo


What do you call something that bounces in a shop?
A Mall Ball