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Class of 2003-2004


Color: Blue
Subject: Math
Food: Watermelon
Hobby: Walking
Absolutely perfect and paramount
Dresses very cool
Really loves to dance
Intelligent and smart
A hard-working person
Never forgets her homework
Almost nine-years old
Autumn Haiku
Football is starting.
My birthday is in the fall.
We get lots of treats.

Christmas Quatrain
Christmas is my favorite holiday.
After we wake our parents, we open presents.
Then we have fun all day.
For dinner, we have pheasants.

What do you call a heart in the air?
A Love Dove
Diamonte Poem
Smart, colorful
Singing, dancing, writing
Dress, skirt, suit, tie
Annoying, playing, reading
Loud, energetic

Color: Blue
Subject: Science
Food: Buffalo Wings
Hobby: Rollerblading
Amazing at spelling
Listens at all times
Entertaining is what I do for fun!
X-mas is what I celebrate.
Acorns are one of my favorite things.
Autumn Haiku
The leaves fall off trees.
Some of them are scarlet red.
It lasts for three months.
Christmas Quatrain
Christmas is my favorite holiday.
My brother and I go downstairs to see the tree.
After we open our presents we play.
On Christmas, my brother is nice to me.

What do you call a frog on the highway?
A road toad
Diamonte Poem
Small, playful
Growing, meowing, biting
Yarn, scratches, mouse, balls
Eating, sleeping, laying
Large, lazy

A good dancer
Makes a good friend
Beautiful and nice
Eager to dance
Really likes school
Autumn Haiku
Halloween is here.
Squirrels start to collect nuts.
We can jump in leaves.
Christmas Quatrain
It is Christmas time of year.
Rudolph is leader of the gang.
Time to bring out lots of cheer
Down the chimney, there's a bang.

What do you call a man on a mountain?
A Bill Hill
Diamonte Poem
Creative, patient
Sleeping, working, learning
Girls, boys, monkeys, frogs
Climbing, eating, finding
Crazy, disturbing


Color: Blue
Subject: Social Studies
Food: Spaghetti
A nice girl and also very sweet.
Science is my favorite subject.
Helps people and animals
Loves Social Studies and Math
Eats a lot of vegetables and fruit
Young and very healthy
Autumn Haiku
There are good pumpkins.
We like jumping in the leaves.
I like the colors.
Christmas Quatrain
Christmas is a time to play.
People are active that time of year.
Before we eat, we pray.
It's time to sleep and cheer.

What do you call a shot from a rope?
A Sting Swing
Diamonte Poem
Fun, exciting
Running, biking, hiking
Playground, scooter, backpack, folders
Sitting, writing, reading
Hard, easy

Color: Red
Subject: Science
Food: Cereal
Hobby: Reading
Chasing everybody at tag
Oon the right track for a great school year
Never bored of anything
Over-the-line for fun
Really good at soccer
Autumn Haiku
Football season starts.
The leaves fall off tall trees now.
It is very cool.
Christmas Quatrain
We decorate the Christmas tree.
Watch the dim lights.
Look, there's a present for me.
Look, cookies-let's have a bite!

What do you call a snowmonster that has just finished a two mile track?
A sweaty Yeti
Diamonte Poem
Past, old
Deteriorating, non-making, non-buidling
Chronicles, kings, hovercrafts, lazers
Inventing, forming, building
Technical, powerful

Color: Blue
Subject: Science
Food: Lobster
Hobby: Baseball
Determined to be a shortstop for the Yankees
Errors will never happen when I'm in the field.
Really loves baseball
Excited for my travel baseball season
Correct everytime
Kicked into high gear everyday
Autumn Haiku
It starts to get cold.
In New Zealand it is spring.
Halloween is fun.
Christmas Quatrain
I like to prepare for this holiday.
A few years ago, my uncle got coal.
Of course it is not in May.
Last year, I got a fishing pole.

What do you call a weird fishing pole?
An odd rod
Diamonte Poem
Fun, exciting
Running, cheering, playing
Cap, innings, rounds, visers
Walking, booing, watching
Delicate, boring

Color: Purple
Subject: Reading
Food: Spaghetti/Macaroni and Cheese
Hobby: Dancing
Excellent at blading
Likes to read books
Likes to play and watch TV
Intelligent at remembering
Even I could touch the ceiling.
Autumn Haiku
It is very cool!
You can jump from tree to tree.
Lots of leaves fall down.
Christmas Quatrain
Christmas is very cool.
I love to play in the snow.
The ice filled up the pool.
The snow is very low.

What do you call a cut tree that hops
A log frog
Diamonte Poem
Active, quiet
Licking, sleeping, playing
Litterbox, mice, toys, bones
Barking, playing, running
Big, loud

Color: Purple
Subject: Reading
Food: Macaroni and Cheese
Hobby: Drawing
Especially good at making funny cartoons
Makes great paper snowmen chains
Macaroni and cheese is her favorite!
An amazing reader
Autumn Haiku
The leaves are scarlet.
Jack-o-lanterns are lit up.
Squirrels are sleeping.
Christmas Quatrain
Christmas is when Jesus was born.
Santa Claus flees in his sleigh.
The stockings are all torn.
I wish everyday was Christmas Day.

What do you call a snack for a reptile?
A snake cake
Diamonte Poem
Patient, common
Crawling, scheming, waiting
Legs, cobwebs, wings, antennae
Flying, escaping, fleeing
Small, scared

Color: Blue
Subject: Math
Food: Chips
Hobby: Jumping rope
Jokes are my favorite.
Everyday I play X-Box.
Science is fun.
Super at drawing
I want a bunny.
Christmas is my favorite.
Amazing at Spider Solitaire
Autumn Haiku
Leaves are colorful.
Halloween is very fun.
The trees lose leaves.
Christmas Quatrain
When is is Christmas, it is cold.
Santa will come at night.
So you should do what you are told.
Presents in your home, out of sight

What do you call a lamp that is dark?
A Light Night
Diamonte Poem
Bare, cold
Falling, dying, snowing
Snowmen, snowball, sun, beach
Flying, diving, splashing
Warm, sunny

Color: Blue
Subject: Science
Food: Macaroni and Cheese
Hobby: Football
Jaws is a special movie.
One is my lucky number.
Hawks are my favorite animals
New Jersey Devils are my favorite hockey team.
Autumn Haiku
The leaves are scarlet.
I like to play football.
We utilize rakes.
Christmas Quatrain
Christmas trees are very fun.
Santa comes on his sled.
Lots of elves like to run,
while we go to bed.

What do you call a generous rodent?
Nice mice
Diamonte Poem
Shiny, rich
Acting, ruling, prosecuting
Crowns, capes, suits, bow-ties
Signing, tiring, commanding
Cool, busy

Color: Purple
Subject: Science
Food: Spaghetti
Hobby: Chorus
Jellybean lover
Unbelievably good artist
Nice to others
Eager to learn
Autumn Haiku
Pool water gets cold.
The animals hibernate.
Halloween is fun.
Hanukkah Quatrain
We light a candle every night.
Our family gets a present for eight days.
I watch the candles in delight.
Everybody is happy today.

What do you call a bug that lives in the sand?
A leach beach
Diamonte Poem
Small, wild
Playing, running, barking
Toys, treats, leash, collar
Sleeping, walking, yawning
Big, calm


Color: Can't decide
Food: Chinese
Hobby: Riding on a scooter
Knows how to skateboard
Eats lunch everyday
Very good at Math and baseball
I'm good at inline-skating.
Never likes to do homework
Autumn Haiku
Let's go pick pumpkins.
Please go and collect the leaves.
Let's make pumpkin pie.
Christmas Quatrain
On Christmas Day my mom's candles glow.
My family comes over to stay.
Santa says every day, "Ho Ho Ho!"
And on that day my brothers play!

Diamonte Poem
Big, noisy
Eating, playing, relaxing
Television, games, books, work
Working, horrifying, learning
Terrible, scary

Color: Blue
Subject: Math
Food: Mexican
Hobby: Dance
I really like to play softball.
Macaroni and cheese is my favorite food.
Brittany is my best friend.
Energetic, totally me
Really nice to friends
Lying, not me
Young, well I am 8 years old.
Autumn Haiku
It is Autumn now!
Halloween is coming soon.
The leaves look scarlet.
Christmas Quatrain
Christmas is a time of cheer.
Christmas is a nice delight.
Santa is going to come with his reindeer.
You always hear stories at night.

What do you call hearts that float?
Love Above
Diamonte Poem
Athletic, fun
Swinging, bouncing, running
Racket, court, paddle, table
Hitting, cheering, screaming
Quick, easy
Ping Pong

Color: Blue
Subject: Science
Food: Turkey
Hobby: Video Games
Makes poems


Color: Red
Subject: Science
Food: Chinese
Hobby: Computers
Nice to everyone
Ice cream lover
Kind to people
Young student

Color: Blue
Subject: Math
Food: Pizza
Hobby: Playing football
Running so fast
Apples are healthy for me.
Jocks are very funny.
Autumn Haiku
Football season starts.
We can go fishing right now.
It is very cool now!
Christmas Quatrain
Christmas is a cold day.
I need to get preparation.
You will need to play.
Time to get the decoration.

What do you call a banana that you trade?
A peel deal
Diamonte Poem
Fun, exciting
Playing, kicking, running
Overtimes, periods, tackles, kicks
Diving, falling, hitting
Throwing, jumping

Color: Red
Subject: Math
Food: Apples
Hobby: Biking
Rides a bike everyday
Obeys my mom and dad
Bakes dinners on Sundays
Eight years old
Really good at playing Dave Marlon BMX on PS2
Terrific at math and spelling

Color: Light Blue
Subject: Reading
Food: Pizza
Hobby: Riding bikes
Smart and nice
A good writer
Jump-rope girl
Neat; can find pencils, erasers, pens
I can read very good.
Autumn Haiku
It is getting cold.
Thanksgiving is coming up.
People start to rake.
Christmas Quatrain
I play in the snow.
Presents are all over the place.
Santa says, "Ho Ho Ho!"
Red is on my face.

What do you call a cot that you ride?
A bed sled
Diamonte Poem
Good, sticky
Crunching, licking, loving
Kids, wrapper, adult, salad
Chewing, disgusting, growing
Plain, healthy


Color: Blue
Subject: Science
Food: Pasta
Hobby: Hockey
Tall as a stick
A smart kid at math.
You Ming is my favorite basketball player.
Likes to do science
Oour family's middle child
Rock at hockey
Autumn Haiku
The trees look good.
Lacrosse starts in this season.
The weather get cold.
Christmas Quatrain
Christmas is cold and fun.
I got presents that were awesome.
At Christmas time, you don't see much sun.
I had to my relatives to come.

What do you call a price that's gone?
A lost cost
Diamonte Poem
Colorful, pretty
Blooming, blossoming, flourishing
Roses, violets, dandelions, ivy
Annoying, growing, dying
Plain, ugly

Color: Red
Subject: Math
Food: Tacos
Hobby: Rocks
Terrible at math
Roasts marshmellows
Eats cereal a lot
Yankees are my favorite team.
Autumn Haiku
It is football time!
The leaves are changing colors.
It is Halloween.
Christmas Quatrain
I decorate my house with lights.
I decorate iside my house.
My shoes are way to tight!
Look I see a huge mouse.

What do you call silent citrus fruit?
A lime mime

Color: Yellow
Subject: Art
Food: Filet Mignon
Hobby: Toys, TV, Video games
Very nice dresser
I like candy
Chocolate is very good.
Entertainment is video games.
Nice clothes, I really like
TV is fun.
Autumn Haiku
Leaves come off the trees.
It starts to become colder.
Thanksgiving is close.
Christmas Quatrain
People put up Christmas trees.
Santa Claus comes on December twenty-five.
Mary had a baby, so we see.
Everybody is enjoying harmony alive.

What do you call a round place to live in?
A dome home
Diamonte Poem
Video Games
Hard, fun
Addicting, numbing, craving
Controllers, systems, squares, pieces
Confusing, questioning, playing
Fun, interesting
Board Games


Color: Red
Subject: Math
Food: Pizza
Hobby: Football
Wacks people up
I like to draw lions.
Loves to play football
Likes to have fun
I am awesome and fun.
A very nice friend.
M akes good waffles
Autumn Haiku
I like the colors.
I like red and yellow.
Football ends in fall.
Christmas Quatrain
There is snow.
I think reindeer eat hay.
I hope my father gets me a bow.
Hurray, it is Christmas Day.

What do you call a hanger being baked?
A cook hook
Diamonte Poem
Social Studies
Important, easy
Boring, tiring, annoying
Maps, states, rain, rocks
Fun, freaky
Weird, outdoors