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Here is our class for the year 2002-2003! Our students will do many exciting things and will share a sample of their work on this page. Just click a name below to see that student's work.

Akshar  Daniel David Evan James Jeffrey  Akshar  Daniel David Evan James Jeffrey
Jennifer Kathleen Louis  Jennifer Kathleen Louis
Matthew Michael Michelle S. Michelle Z. Molly  Matthew Michael Michelle S. Michelle Z. Molly
Paige Randi Robert Skyler  Paige Randi Robert  Skyler 


A rough player at soccer
Knows how to play basketball
School is my favorite.
Has the book Harry Potter
A boy that likes to run track.
Reads lots of books at Free Time

The sport is a nice game.
The players are tough.
It is good to aim.
You'll find this game to be rough.
White House
     The White House rocks! This building is a big place. It could have numbers of meetings. The White House has a president inside. So travel to our capital some time.
St. Patrick Limerick
There once was a pot of gold.
But it is really old.
And some day.
I will have to pay.
But when I went, it was sold.


Diamonds was my dog's name.
Art is fun to do.
Nintendo is what I do best.
I like playing football.
Enjoys lots of rollercoasters.
Lorie was my babysitter.

This sport is very fun.
You're never cozy and they're never nice.
The coaches will make you run.
You will always get hit more than twice.
Carving a Pumpkin
     Making a jack-o-lantern is fun. First, you get a sturdy table and put a cloth on it. Next,go to a pumpkin patch and get a medium sized pumpkin. Then bring it home and put in on the table your brought out. Now, get a pocket knife and open it up. After that, carve a small hole around the stem and pull it off. Next, take all of the seeds out of the pumpkin. Carve a scary face in the pumpkin. Finally, put a candle in the pumpkin and light it. Now, you have a jack-o-lantern.
What do you call a
boring picture?
A lame frame
     We should have more libraries. Libraries help you learn more. Its books are very cheap. You can find the information you are looking for. You go to libraries often.
St. Patrick Limerick
St. Patrick got rid of the snakes.
People cook lots of big cakes.
This holiday is old.
There's a lot of gold.
During the festival, you want to be awake.


Does Tae Kwon Do (karate)
Always plays electronic games
Venus is my favorite planet
Is a Lego builder
Does very well at baseball

This game can be really fun.
Hit the pins as hard as you can.
Try a strike, it can be done.
You can play this game again and again.
PB & J Sandwich
     Making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is fun and easy. First, go to the kitchen. Second, proceed to your refrigerator. Next, open your cold appliance. Then look in your refrigerator for bread. After that, put the bread on the table and look in your refrigerator for jelly. Then put the jelly on the table and look for peanut butter. Next, put the peanut butter on the table. Get a knife and spread jelly on one piece of bread. Now spread peanut butter on another slice of bread. Then put the two pieces of bread on each other. Finally, eat and enjoy.
What do you call a boy that is
off his rocker?
A mad lad
     Vegetables are disgusting! Vegetables make you throw up. There are so many other healthy things that are yummy. Vegetables are mushy. Don't eat veggies!
St. Patrick Limerick
All of the lucky clovers come in tour.
Leprechauns are tricky to the core.
Ireland is green.
Snakes never seen.
Teaching was what St. Patrick was famous for.


Eggs are very yummy.
Vegetables tast bad, don't they?
Animals are cute like dogs.
Nothing can stop me.

This is a sport that you would like to play.
Players will have a big glove.
You can pitch any day.
Players hit the ball high above.
How to Wash Hair
     It is easy to wash your hair. First, take your attire off. Next, get into the shower. Now, close the curtain. Then turn the water on medium. After that, soak your hair. Next, get soap on the shelf. Now, scrub your hair hard. After that, put the soap on the shelf. Then wash it out of your hair. Now, open the curtain. Next, step out of the shower. Then get a towel. After that, dry your hair.
What do you call a kid that you
play with?
A boy toy
     We should have school three days a week. You have to learn in school. Students get hungry in school. Students hardly have fun in school. I hate to go to school.
St. Patrick Limerick
What do you think is green?
Maybe you think it's sunscreen.
It can be a skirt,
Or a green shirt,
It is a clover with a queen.


Jogs around the house
A very good soccer player
Makes a lot of Lego towers
Eats a bunch of food
Started swimming lessons at YMCA

It is easy to kick the ball.
If you score a goal,
Make sure you don't fall.
Then you will have a happy soul.
     Taking a photo is easy. First, you have to wake up. Next, dress nicely for your picture. Then drive to the film place. Now, get your pictures taken. Next, you go to film store. After that, get your photos. Finally, go home and see the pictures.
What do you call a group of
new musicians?
A grand band
     We should recycle everyday. Recycling is a good way to save things. It is a fun thing to do. It helps us not waste things. So save your paper, bottles, and cans.
St. Patrick Limerick
St. Patrick died on this day.
He scared all the snakes away.
Believed in leprachauns,
Became a good man,
They were happy on this holiday.


Jumps really high at basketball
Eats at fast food restaurants
Fun to play with
Fairly good at basketball
Rreally good at board games
Each of my toys I play with.
Your average loud laugher.

The hoops are easy to shoot.
You must be quick because the ball is fast.
If you score, the fans will give a hoot.
If you break your leg, you'll need a cast.
PB&J Sandwich
     Making a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich is fun. First, get two pieces of bread out of the cabinet. Next, go to the fridge and get peanutbutter and jelly. Then you put jelly on one side of the bread. Now, you put the peanutbutter on the other portion of bread. Finally, you put the slices of bread together and you eat it.
What do you call a mattress
that drops hair?
A bed shed
     Toys are fun to play with. You can tell some of them what do to. They help you make your imagination grow. Clubs can start with your friends' toys. So go ask your mom to get you a toy.


Jumps really high in gym
Expert with science in school
Nickelodean is my favorite show.
Not a mean person
Inch is one of our spelling words.
Fairly good at tennis
Early is when I get to school
Really good at dancing

This is a very fun sport to play.
You can wave your pom-poms all over the place.
I cheer and cheer all day.
When I move around, I need to tie my lace.
Getting Dressed
     Getting dressed is so easy! First, get out of bed. Next, walk into the bathroom. Then get the toothbrush out of your cabinet. After that, put the toothbrush on the table. Now, get the toothpaste out of your cabinet. Later, open the toothpaste with your hand. Next, squeeze the container until the toothpaste comes out. After that, stop squeezing and put the toothpaste down. Now, brush your teeth on every side. Then go back into your room and open the drawer. Next, put your hand in your drawer and pick your underwear. Then pick out your favorite pants and shirt. After that, put all of your clothes on the bed. Next, take your night clothes off. Then put the clothes that are from your drawer and put them on your body, one at a time. Now, walk to your dresser or desk and pick up you hairbrush. After that, shart bringing the brush to your hair. Then brush all around. Next, put your sneakers on and tie them. Now, put the laces criss-crossed and loop the lace. Then you swoop the lace. Next, pull your loop. After that, you're on your way!
What do you call a footstep
that sends something?
A trail mail
     One of my favorite getaways is an excursion to the mall. There are so many unique stores to shop in. The clothing and jewelry stores always catch my eye. The toy stores are always adventurous and fun. Save your money and shop until you drop!
St. Patrick Limerick
The moment I was waiting for was St. Patrick's Day.
I ate and ate and had to play.
I was March 17.
I mostly wore green.
I had so much fun I yelled, "Hurray!"


Katie is my best friend.
Apples are my favorite fruit.
Tough to trick sometimes
Halloween is my first choice holiday.
Likes my instrument, the piano
Enjoys music so much
Excellent at things
Not a good actor

This sport is very fun and extremely wet.
If you can dive in, try not to look like a fool.
You can play this sport until the sunset.
If you don't know how to swim, go to school.
PB&J Sandwich
     Making a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich is fun to make. First, get some peanut butter, jelly, a knife, and bread. Second, you open the jelly jar and stick your knife half way in the jelly jar. Then take the knife out of the jelly jar and spread it on the slice of bread. Next, open the peanutbutter jar and stick the knife halfway in. After that, take it out and put it on another piece of bread. Finally, take both slices and put them together. Now, you can eat it.
What do you call a big fish that likes to carry a bucket?
A whale pail
     Jewelry makes you look nice. Jewelry is kind of cheap unless it is real diamond. They can be made out of gold. Jewerly helps people match dresses. You should buy jewelry.
St. Patrick Limerick
There once was a man that was old.
He really wanted some gold.
Followed a rainbow end,
Lent it to his friend,
He said, "It will help you get bold."


Likes to play soccer
Oreos is one of my favorite foods.
Unit one, I got a hundred on my test.
I'm the best chess player.
Sometimes I like to read.

You roll a ball, hit a pin.
People can get strikes and it can some nice sights.
The balls are not very thin.
There could be very bright lights.
How to Wash Hair
     Washing your hair is easy. First, take your attire off. Second, put your clothes on the floor. Next, open the shower door. Now, you get in the shower. Next, close the door. After that, turn the water on medium. Now, wet your hair. Next, you get shampoo from the shelf. Then you wet your hair and scrub it with shampoo. Next, you rinse your hair. Then step out of the shower. Next, get a towel from a towel rack. After that, you dry yourself with your towel.
What do you call metal that is
on a fruit?
A peel steel
     Most people like desserts. Many eat them after a big meal. They help you cool off in hot weather. You can make your own dessert with anything you want. So go to your local ice cream store today.
St. Patrick Limerick
Four leaf clovers are usually green.
A leprechaun is emerald, his name is Sheen.
A shoe-maker you chase,
Shamrocks in every place,
St. Patrick died on March Seventeen.


Math wiz and good at addition
Apples are my favorite fruit.
The leader of the Broncos.
Tall, skinny and fast
Hates my friend's brother.
Experiment wizard and loves science
Was playing soccer at one point

The hoops are easy to shoot.
In this game, there are twelve minutes.
In this sport, you can't step our with you boot.
To call the plays you have to use blueprints.
How to Wash a Car
     Washing a car is exciting. First, fill a bucket with three and a half inches of water. Then get a sponge and car soap. After that, put some soap in the water and mix it together. Now, stick the sponge in the water and take it out. Then put it on the car and wipe back and forth. Now, make sure the car is soapy. Then find a hose a wash it down. Finally, make sure it's clean.
What do you call something
that lights on fire?
A flame game
     Television is a great source of learning. Television can tell you what is going on. This living room appliance can make you smart. You can watch funny shows. So remember to watch TV everyday.
St. Patrick Limerick
On St. Patrick's Day, I eat cake.
So my mom really has to bake.
It's on March 17.
Everybody wears gree.
It's said that he fought off snakes.


Makes a lot of new friends
I'm a good football player.
Can wrestle pretty good
Has a lot of friends
A really good athlete
Excellent at Game Boy games
Likes to read Harry Potter books

You want to win the game.
Your team wants you to score.
Hey, some of your fans came!
If you fall down, your leg will be sore.
PB&J Sandwich
     Making a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich is easy to make. First, you get two slices of bread from the cupboard. Next, get peanutbutter and jelly from the refrigerator. Put them on the table and close the door. After, get a knife from the drawer. Close the drawer and put the knife on the table. Then open the peanutbutter jar lid and jelly jar lid. After that, get the knife and put it in the jar of peanutbutter. Put the peanutbutter on the blade. Take it out and smear the peanutbutter. Then put the knife in the jelly jar. Dab it on the other side of bread. Stop smearing and put the blade on the table. Finally, put the two slices of bread together.
What cries and is a parent?
A sad dad
     Books are fun to read. Books make you smart. Thinking about a story helps you understand more. A novel helps you use your imagination. In conclusion, books are the best!
St. Patrick Limerick
Leprechauns dance throughout the night.
Not a single one has a fight.
Everybody wears green.
They are not mean.
Until the light from the sun is bright.


Much taller than other people
I am very good at gymnastics.
Cares for other people
Hates to eat honey
Excellent at swimming races
Likes to run a lot
Laughts with her friends
Early when I go to school

In this sport, you will ascend the rope.
You will have to have a very good grip.
Then you will have bits of hope.
I wish you don't trip.
Pumpkin Carving
     Carving a pumpkin is really fun. First, you buy your big fruit. Then set up a table for your pumpkin. Next, walk to your cabinet to get a pocket knife. Now, you take your pocket knife and carve two medium sized triangles near the top. Next, you cut a triangle a lit bit lower and in between the other triangles. Lastly, you cut a smile near the bottom.
What do you call a hairy place
to play in?
A braid arcade
     Cars are a good source of transportation. You can go to faraway places with automobiles. Cars come in any color you want! They are pretty safe. So why don't you buy an automobile!
St. Patrick Limerick
There once was a leprechaun who said,
"I found a four-leaf clover in my bed."
He got some luck,
Found a buck,
But he wanted to have lace instead.


Mostly with my twin brother, Bobby
I have a colossal imagination.
Cedar Hill is the school I go to.
Hikes and camps with Brownies
Energetic or otherwise hyperactive
Loves playing games and sports
Likes to read most of the time
Excellent at speed skating

The best place to play this is in the park.
You always hit with the face.
Most people play until it is dark.
The best thing to hit is an ace.
How to Wash Your Hair
     Showering makes your very clean. First, get shampoo and conditioner. Second, go to the shower room. Third, put down the shampoo and conditioner. Next, go get a towel. Then come back to the shower room with your towel. When you are back, drop the towel. Now, open the door. Next, take your towel and put it on your shoulder. Then pick up the shampoo and conditioner. Now, go into the shower room. Next, put everything down. Now, go get clean clothes and underwear. When you get them, go back to the shower room. Now put them down. Then get the shampoo and conditioner and put them by the shower. Now, close the door. Next, get into the shower. When you get in, turn on the shower to whatever temperature you like it at. Next, get yourself soaked. Now, open the shampoo and squeeze it onto your hair. Then rub the shampoo on your hair. Next, grab the conditioner and squeeze in onto your hair. Now rub it on your head. Then wash your hair. Next, turn off the shower. Now, get out of the shower. Finally, get your towel and dry yourself. Then you are ready to put on clothes.
What do you call a wooden puppy?
A log dog
Amusement Parks
     Amusement parks are fun. Amusement parks have cool coasters. Merry-go-rounds have pretty fake animals. The swings in amusement parks go fast. Come see the other great rides!
St. Patrick Limerick
Some people like to wear a lot of green.
Even those who are extrememly lean.
Eat cabbage and cornbeef,
Wear a lucky leaf,
Well, that's what I think I've seen.


Marvelous at many subjects
Only the best student
Likes science so much
Loves American History the best
Your best math wiz.

It's fun to kick the ball.
Just try to win the game.
Remember, it's okay if you fall.
You just might have some fame!
Christmas Tree
     Decorating a Christmas tree is fun! First, ask your parents if you can get a medium sized evergreen tree. If they say, "yes", ask for a ride to a tree farm. At the farm, get the medium sized evergreen tree. Next, ride home with the tree. Then bring the tree in the house. Make sure you don't put the tree by a fireplace or outlet for safety. Place the tree down in a safe place. Then find decorations such as: shiny balls with hooks, shiny huge necklaces, and wired lights. Try to find them in a storage place. The best colors are: green, red, and gold. After that, arrange the necklaces around the tree. Later, hand the hooks on the necklaces. Next, put the lights around the tree. Finally, turn off your regular lights and flick on the Christmas tree lights. Make sure not to leave out the tree too long after Christmas. If may cause a fire.
What do you call
talking cereal?
A quote oat
     Some restaurants have such high prices. They could be a waste of money. A lot of people go home to eat when they find out what bad service the restaurant has. The only good restaurants to go to are fast food. So make the right choice!
St. Patrick Limerick
The boy with the hat said, "fiddlestick".
His name happens to be St. Patrick.
It's on March 17,
We were mostly green,
There were lots of foods to pick.


Playfur and fun kid
Athletic girl in gymnastics
Ideas are very good.
Great and fun to be with
Expert at popularity in school

Go and run over the horse.
Yes, the horse is a very tall height.
So go see if you like it of course.
Beware for a very big fright.
How to Make Ice Cream
     Ice cream tastes good and everyone loves it! First, you take out ice cream. It dosen't matter if you have chocolate or vanilla. Next, you go to a cabinet and get out a bowl and your favorite toppings. After that, take out a spoon. Take the spoon and scoop some ice cream. Then put it in the bowl. Finally, you put a cherry on top. Now, you can enjoy your ice cream.
What do you call a body of water
filled with pokey needles?
A Hay-Bay


Makes lots of pictures
I like to sing Classic Queen.
Randi is my nickname.
Art is my thing.
Nike is my favorite brand.
Does well in soccer
Always eat french fries at McDonald's

In this game you race.
You run and jump all day.
There are people all over the place.
Hey, won't you come and play?
How to Wash a Car
     Washing a car is fun! First, get the keys to your car. Then get handsoap, wax, water, towels, and a scrubber. Second, put them on a table. Now, put some soap on the scrubber and scrub. Then splash a bucket of water on your automobile. After that, dry with your towel. Now, drive the car into the garage. In ten minutes, take it for a ride.
What do you call something that
is lost and pointy?
A stray hay
St. Patrick Limerick
St. Patrick died on this day.
He scared all the snakes into the bay.
We dress in green.
Are never mean.
Irish games, riddles, jigs we play.


Red is my first choice color.
One is my favorite number.
Bobby is my nickname.
Eagles are my dearest birds.
Runs fast in a race
Together, my sister and I are twins.

In this game, you have to hit a ball.
It is o.k. if you don't win the game.
Make sure you don't fall.
You may be in the Hall of Fame.
How to Make Ice Cream
     Making ice cream is good! First, find a bowl from a cabinet. Next, pick up ice cream from the freezer. Then get whip cream from the refrigerator. After that, get cherries from the refrigerator too. After, fetch sprinkles from a drawer. Now, get strawberry or chocolate syrup. Afterwards, get a spoon. Later, put some ice cream into the bowl. After that, put the whip cream into the bowl. Also put on sprinkles. Now, put on a cherry. Then obtain a spoon. Last, put on the strawberry or chocolate syrup.
     Movies are a waste of time and money. You can buy the movie when it is on DVD or tape. You can always just study. There are numerous things you can do than watching them. You shouldn't go to the theater.
St. Patrick Limerick
Did you know Saint Patrick
May have a magic trick?
He played a harp.
I could be sharp.
He said many times "fiddlestick".


Sometimes silly to his sister
Knows a lot of countries
Year 1994 was when I was born
Likes baseball a lot
Excellent at Game Boy
Really likes video games

Your team will have to make a lot of different plays.
You have to wear a team shirt.
The season will take a lot of days.
I hope you don't get badly hurt.
PB&J Sandwich
     Making a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich is fun. First, you get peanutbutter, jelly, and a knife. Next, find a sturdy table. Then put the supplies on the table. After that, take the lid off the peanutbutter and jelly. Later, take the bread and lay them flat on the table. Then take a little bit of jelly and spread it on one piece of bread. Next, do the same thing with peanutbutter. Finally, squish the two pieces of bread together. Now, you have a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich.
What do you call a
popular wrench?
A cool tool
     Exploring space is great. You would get to see all nine planets. You could guess what planet is the hottest or coldest by traveling to each of them. In space, you can lift anything you want. Explore space one day!