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1999-2000 STUDENT WORK


Jelly and peanut butter is great!
On the football team
Silly sometimes
Has a sister
Small? No way!
Milk is terrific!
In the game
The fun never stops
Helping hand

-by Joshua

Always rides a bike
Never goes to bed
Tony is good at playing tag.
Oh no! The deer ran away!
Never climb a tree
Italy is my group.
Once I was a runner.

-by Tony

Always likes to swim
Loves horses
Extra fun
Xylophones are fun to play.
Always likes vacation
Never gives up
Draws great
Runs fast
Always has fun

-by Alexandra

Always ride a bike
Magnificent girl
A good athlete
Never turns down a book
Dog lover
All-star at softball

-by Amanda


Jack-o-lanterns glow
harvesting is very fun
I really love autumn

-by Christopher

My favorite part is
Halloween. Trick or treating
is fun. Yum yummy!

-by Alyssa

Ghosts everywhere.
The pumpkin is red, orange.
Bags full of candy

-by Kevin

Helping rake the leaves
Everything is colorful.
I love October.

-by Stephanie


***The students made a hundred dots randomly onto a piece of paper. Afterwards, they were directed to find at least 2 pictures they can make by connecting some of the dots. From these pictures, the class made up constellation names and stories on how they became a part of the night sky: Long ago there was a kite named Catlin. She lived in Africa. Catlin flew to the United States of America to see her friend, Lucky the Ice Cream Cone. Lucky lived in Florida.

When Catlin saw Lucky, she was very happy. They played for hours. Then one day, Lucky was eaten and Catlin was so sad.

Later on, a little boy ran up to Catlin and started playing with her. They had lots of fun. But then, he let go of Catlin and floated up to the sky and was stuck between the stars. Along with Lucky, Catlin became a constellation. However, Catlin and Lucky never saw each other again.

-by Alyssa

Long ago, there lived Duckey the Duck and Scalases the Fish. They lived in the motel land of the gods. There was always enough to eat. Everybody was happy. However, one day, the gods had a fight with Haies for weeks. There was no food to eat and water to drink or swim in.

So Ducky went to Scalases. "We must do something," he said. "Well," said Scalases, "We could go to the gods. But we won't be able to return." Duckey replied,"If we don't do this...we and all the animals will die."

The next day, they flew to the gods. Zeus, the Head God, eliminated Haies. He was also so happy that he saw Duckey and Scalases. Zeus decided to return happiness to the land. Then he placed Duckey and Scalases in the sky where they remain today. That is the story of Duckey the Duck and Scalases the Fish.

-by Christopher

Long ago, on a beach in Barbados, there was a whale and an anteater. Their names were Whaleyus and Antitamus. They were very good friends. They would get food for each other. They each had many powers. Whaleyus could fly out of the ocean. Antitamus could suck in food with its snout.

In the sky, they got along very well. There was one animal that always annoyed them. His name was Sharkinus. Sharkinus would destroy the food of Antitamus and Whaleyus. The next day, Sharkinus got a cold. Then Whaleyus and Antitamus got all of the shark's food.

After that, the Shark, Anteater, and Whale were placed up in the sky as constellations.

by Joshua

Long ago, there was a knight that had a knife. The knight's name was Leomo. He was a very brave knight. He also loved his knife, Shea.

One day, Leomo fell of his horse. His knife, Shea, ended up falling into a magic pool and became alive. Shea helped Leomo to his feet. Leomo is now the first knight to have a knife that is alive!

by Travis

Long ago, there lived an elephant named Centusius and a wizard named Caritor. Cenusius is a powerful elephant that can pick up three hundred people with his trunk. Centusius is the king of all elephants. Caritor is a cowardly, old wizard and he likes to make little mice.

One day, Centusius attacked Caritor. Centusius tried to step on Caritor. However, Caritor made tons of mice. The mice made Centusius scared and he missed Caritor. Centusius landed on the ground and bounced up into the sky. Caritor also ended up in the sky.

That's how Caritor and Centusius became constellations.

by Paul

Long ago, there was a vicious cat named Spider and a very tricky mouse named Tucker. These two characters lived in a small town called Water Village.

Spider and Tucker once were enemies but realized there was nothing to fight for. So one day, they met and found out that they had a lot in common. They liked each other so much that they floated to the sky and became new constellations.

by Jenan

Long ago, there lived a little girl that loved kites. She had a kite of her own. The girl, Zena, named her kite Zooy.

Zena made the new kite her best friend. She would pretend the kite was alive. She even brought Zooy to school one day.

Later on, Zena asked the kite to be her boyfriend. The kite said, "No!" Zena got so upset that she destroyed the kite. Eventually, they were placed together in the sky as constellations.

by Amanda

Long ago, there were two animals. Cassiasusius, the Flying Wolf, was one of the animals. He was fierce and was always looking for a bird to eat. Cenusor, the Great Eagle, was a big bird. He could cause a tornado with a single flap. In all, they weren't very good friends.

One day, Cassiasusius was looking for some food. Then he saw Cenusor pecking at some berries. When Cassiasusius was about to eat Cenusor, Cenusor flapped at Cassiasusius. However, the Flying Wolf reversed it. The Great Eagle flew into the sky and Cassiasusius followed him. When they got there, they got stuck. That is how they became constellations.

by John

Long ago, there was a fox who didn't have a home. He looked everywhere but could not find one. So the fox just stopped looking.

Over the years, many more constellations began. Then one day, a house appeared in the sky. The fox went over to the house and tried to open the door. However, it was locked. Then the fox heard a voice. "Who is it?" The fox replied, "My name is Bill. What's your name?" The house said, "Bob!" The fox then told the house how he did not have a place to live. The new house agreed and the fox now had a home.

by Jonathon

Long ago, there lived a character named Drago. The way he got food was by hunting. One day, when he was looking for food, Drago met a guy named Komelusses. At first, they did not like each other. They had a big fight.

In the beginning, it did not look like anyone would win the fight. After they got tired of fighting, Drago and Komelusses told each other that they would never fight again. After the big fight, they became very good friends.

After Drago and Komelusses died, they were put together in the night sky.

by Tony

Long ago, there was a hunter named Trytina and a talking sword named Trytona. They were the best of friends. Trytina and Trytona went on a lot of adventures. This is one of them:

One day, Trytina and Trytona were traveling and saw this creature. The creature attacked them. Then Trytina drew Trytona out of his pouch and slew the beast. With the slaying of the horrible creature, Trytina and Trytona became heroes.

Later on, after Trytina died, Trytona said, "I will always be with you." So they floated up together into the sky.

by Shaun

Long ago, in a land of forever, lived Snow the Poodle and his friends. Everyone was happy. However, one day, sickness fell over the land. So Snow went to his doghouse and built a kite. He was going to fly to the gods and tell them to cure the sickness.

That night, Snow grabbed Soreassos and brought her outside. Snow picked her up and flew to the gods. The head god was so happy that he cured the sickness. He then put Soreassos and Snow into the sky where they still remain today.

by Brittany

Long ago, lived Tara the Open Box and Charlie the Joker. Charlie said to Tara, "You look like a star." Tara started to cry. So Charley the Joker said, "I am joking." They became best friends.

Long ago, Tara the Open Box and Charlie the Joker were placed in the sky next to each other. Charlie still jokes around. But now. Tara the Box listens to the jokes but does not cry anymore

by Alexandra

Long ago, there lived Ruby and Mug. They did not get along too well. They would call each other names.

One day, Mug began to cry. So he went back home and kept crying.

Ruby and Mug apologized to each other and became best friends. They wanted to be a part of the sky- right next to each other.

by Michelle

Long ago, there was a rocket called Astoedia. He ruled all of space and the stars. He also ruled over the moons, the planets, and the spacehouse called Sconyac.

One afternoon, Astoedia heard a booming sound. It was the great canon of Astoedia. He came outside and everything stopped. Sconyac took a perfect shot and missed. Astoedia charged at Sconyac and brought Sconyac to space. That's how they became stars.

by Kevin

Long ago, there was a boy who liked kites. His name was Qunto. There was a girl who loved the triangular shape. They grew up to be teenagers. They lived in Australia and worked together.

One day, they had the same schedule and met. They fell in love. Eventually they got married. However, the girl's mother did not like Qunto. She took Qunto to a far away place in the sky so that he could not see his wife again. After many years, Qunto became a constellation.

by Lynsi

Long ago, there was Ricky the Singer, who lived in Puerto Rico. Far away in Canada, there was Koby the Knife. Ricky was very famous. Koby was very lonely and was only used for cutting food. These two characters never knew each other.

One day, while Ricky was singing a song at a concert in Canada, Kovy dropped out of nowhere. Ricky picked the knife up and stuck it into his pocket. After the concert, Ricky started to eat. The wind blew so hard that it pushed both Ricky and Koby into the sky. They stayed there forever.

by Jessica