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Alexis-Hi your website is really cool you have the best website i hope i have s good year and scince

Bailey Manna-Mr.kryiger- you have the best website int the school! your science classes are tha bomb!

Ares Vlahos-Hey Mr. K!! I really miss your class but im havin a great time in middle school!Im gettin great grades and making a lot of new friends!

Danielle-Hi Mr. How are you It is fun in Lazar how is gared from your old student danielle

Eric Brickman-Hi Mr. k I am danielle macstudys friend. she says you rock From a person who does not knowyou Eric

Anthony Pizzi-hey mr k you remember me and the 06 crew lenard patrick and brian we all miss u and hope u have a great year P.S we are grown up and are now in 7th grade tell all our teachers we say hi

Nicole Fierro-heyy Mr. Krygier your website rocks!!!!!!

Sarah-Hey Mr. Krygier. I like your website!

Billy-hi! i was surfing the internet, an saw this website. IT IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adin-I know the answer to the Science Question!! But since Im not in your class, i wont tell. Aww what the heck. The answer is ________

Kristen Pandise-Hi Mr.Krygier! The last time I was in your class, it was 2005-2006!! Im in 8th grade and next year and looking foward to the high school. Tell all the teachers I say Hi.


Stephen Husti-Hi Mr.K! Your website is the best in the school!!! It ROCKS!!!!!

Alexis-Your class is the funnest out of every class youe website

Jennifer- hi Mr.K i luv ur website!!!!!!

Anthony Pizzi-Mr.K ur websites over the last 2 yrs ive known u ROCKS!!! Hope Tiffany Aces your class this Year i helped her study most of the time on cell parts. Tell Mrs. Bickham i said HI!! i miss her and Mrs.Greco Love, Anthony Pizzi #4

Steph Roh-Hola Mr.K! You should put up a 2007-2008 geography club winners! 2nd! I miss 5th grade! It was so much easier and fun. Well, bye! :D

Gabrielle Kang- Your website is the coolest! I cant believe that its already march and almost april!!! WOW!!

Jimmy Dodgson- WAS UP MR. K ....... HOWS SCIENCE GOING?

Marisa-hey mr. krygier! i love your website! i hope to have an awesome year in science!

Riley Henderson-Hey Mr.K your website is the best out of all the teachers i have seen in my 5 years at cedar hill!!!!!!

Desiree-hey Mr. Kryger! Totally love your website! hope to have a great year in science!!!

Brittney O'Brien-hey Mr. K!!! Hows it going????? Have fun teching!!!! your old student, brittney

Danielle-Hi Mr. K It is Danielle Macstudy

Dillon Patel-Hi Mr Krygier, Awesome website! It is awesome!

Katie Altomare-Mr. Krygier your website rocks! i think its the best out of all the teachers ever! P.S. love the music.

Tiffany Pizzi-I think your website is the best out of all the teachers! You are a really great teacher!

Nicole Fierro-hi Mr.Krygier awesome website

Natasha Dusaj-your website is so cool!

James Burnett-Mr. Krygier I love your website. that is really interesting that a child found a tooth growing from his foot! i cant wait to start our animal projects. James

Ares Vlahos-Hey Mr. K! Lazar is great so far. I still dont know where the gym is. In social studies we are going to be learning about acient countries incluing Acient Greece.

Joe Henderson-Mr. Krygier, Kudos on an impressive website! On behalf of Riley I would like to say that we are looking forward to a challenging and rewarding year.

Dee Patel-Great web site!!! I would like to volunteer for typing students work for your website this year. Thank you.

Emily Hernandez-hi Mr.krieger. i am glad that i have you as a teacher.

Nicole-hi mr.krygier i like your website it is so cool!!!!

Adin-Hi, Mr.K its only a couple days till school starts! I hope your new class likes your bird and fish clubs

Sophia Khan-I think that you have the coolest website out of almost all the teachers

Gabrielle Kang-Hi Mr.Krygier!!! Hope fifth grade is as good as people say it is!!

Ares Vlahos-I cant believe the year is all done! it seemed like yesterday that i walked through your classroom door. I am very excited for Lazar.It was a great pleasure to be in your 5th grade class.

Stephanie-i cant believe that the year is over! i still didnt get my info for Alaska. We sent those in October! oh well, i rather get out of school than do more projects! In lazar, ill tell you how im getting tortured! Also, Skyler got into super honors in social s

Ashley-hey mr.k.....i was going to check my homework on the lazar link and decided to see cedar hills....i remember this website :) it looks good

Monica-You havent taught me in about 10 months, and I still enjoy coming to your website!! When I went to Williamsburg over Spring Break, I knew everything we were learning about from last year!

Cassie-Heyy Mr K. i luv your website its like totally awesome!!!!!!

Adin-Hey Mr. Krygier. I made a first page on PageBuilder. I hope thats the way you did yours. Im still working on making a guestbook

Danielle-Hi Mr.K, I like your web sites . Maybe you can add a game about presidents for a link.You should have a picture of you in your Halloween costume and Gareds costume to.The things you do in class are so fun, we should do it more often. Also we should have

Stephanie-Hello, my brother Skyler looked at the awards page and he saw his name 3 or 4 times. Thats funny. C u in S.S.! ;-)

Ares Vlahos-Hey Mr. K! This website is awsome! Its great to have you as a teacher this year

Brittney-I have wanted you since 3rd grade!

Mike Breznak-The site is so beast. the Background music is cool.

Danielle-Hi mr. Krygier like your website .It is fun to hove you as a teacher.

Brendan-hey Mr.K i cant seem to find anything on the presidents wll i better keep looking. your student, brendan P.S, the website was a great idea and its looking good!!!!!!!!!!

Monica-Hi Mr. Krygier! 6th grade is going well. I miss Cedar Hill and I just want to let you fifth graders know that Lazar is fun-and theres nothing to worry about!

Sai-HI i like Mr.krygiers class Bye

Area Vlahos-Happy B-day Mr. K!!! P.S. This website is great!!!!!

Aaisha-Dear Mr. K the answer to the Question of this week is Menlo Park , California. P.S. your son i seriously really really CUTE. Bye!!!

Danielle-hey mr k. whats krakin i love your web site I can check out cool web sites I allways go on your web site to study the states PEACE

Mike Breznak-THis is the best web site I ever went its the best I always go on to check my spelling because i always forget the book

Jimmy-THis is the best web site I ever went its the best I always go on to check my spelling because i always forget the book

Danielle-I love your web site and the links you have

Brendan Kelly-im getting better at my states whenever i come on this site

Henry Russnow-This is the best webpage ever!!!

Kelly-Heyy Mr. Krygier. Middle School is fine, and I love your website

Gerry-Awesome website!!!!! There is so much to see.

Adin-Hey Mr.k. LOVE your website. Theres not one day i didnt go on it. (except yesterday and the day before that).That doesnt matter though

Nate Levitt-Mr. K roks your sox and he is da bomb!!! We have da same b-day yo! Peace out yall

Becky(rebecca)-This is an awesome website!!!!!!!

Brendan Kelly-i love this question of the week it was so hard:)

Tori Brandt-I have 2 things to say to you. Number 1: OH MY GOSH I LLLOOOVVVEEE YOUR SITE MR. K!!! Number 2: I really love your background music, and I was also thinking that mayby once a month, you can change the music. I think that would be awesome, and it would at

Ellie-Hey Mr.K! How you doing? Just became a 7th grader! Good luck with the class of 2007-08!

Lex Soares-Hi, Mr. K! U r awesome! I m gonna miss u in Lazar! Hope ull b in CHS for my sis.

Lillian-Mr Krygiers website is awesome! There is SO many fun things to do on it!

JessicaS-I love your website! Its the best on out of the whole school!!!!!

Christina-Mr.Ks class is the best! Fift grade is the best! I love the lockers. They are the coolest. I love the crafts, projects and i love having my kindergarden buddy. I am really going to miss Cedar hill when the year is over!

Ms. Toni Degelia-I love your classroom! I will begin teaching this fall, and I am looking for ways to set up my classroom. Also, I like your Charlie Brown music on the web page. Thanks again and Happy teaching, Ms. Toni Degelia Sam Houston State University Special

James-Hello Mr.Krygier It is a wonderful website! I know all the presidents and the flags.

Susan Quinzel-Hi John, I enjoyed my visit to your website. You've certainly put a lot of work into it. I am sure that the children must enjoy the games. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Susan Quinzel

Jeffrey-I like Mr. Kryger a lot

Pat S.-Mr. Krygier- great site!! can you design one for MEDLC for us??? Mrs. S.

Heidi Quintero-Mr.K, I would like to comment on your terrific site. It is very informative and I am sure your students and parents appreciate all the time that went into it. Take Care! And good luck in the fall.

T. Liason-Mr. K, you are an inspiration to me. I joyed the entire website. If I had a child in your class I would greatly appreciate all of your efforts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany Hui-Cool site Mr.K.! Keep up the good work!

Andrew P.- Year to year you keep the website up to date.

Martha Lazo-Congratulations on your creative website! Keep up the great work! The music is enthralling. I did the Green Test and I had fun taking it.

Tiffany Hui-Still like the site!!

LoriAnn Pesci-Love the web site.

Demetra S-Hi Mr. Krygier! Have a great summer! I dont think Ill be seeing you for a long time! Off to middle school!

Alekha-Mr. Krieger has a wonderful class.

Siobhan Reid-Awesome Website and a great resource for parents and students. Thanks.

J Jespersen-Keep up the good work Mr. Krygier!!(thats an exclamation sentence.)

Charlotte Majors-May I copy your writing ideas for my second grade class?

Stutti T-Mr.Krygier is awsome!

Ellie-Hey Mr. K ! Hows things going in CHS ? Lazars an awsome place. Ellie Gwon

Adam-YOU ARE THE BEST TEACHER I EVER HAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I GOING TO MISS CEADAR HILL NEXT YEAR IN LAZAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Francesca-Love your website Mr. K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lex Soares-Mr. K.s site ROX!

Kimberly Sandham-Hey Mr. K!! i miss 5th grade sooo much!! I never knew your site had so many things on it, even our bonanza states from last year!! ttys!! Kimmy =]

Nitya R-Hey Mr. Krygier! I dont know if you remember me, but I was in your 3rd grade class in 2000 and 2001. I was just looking at the Cedar Hill website and I saw the link to your website and I wondered if the stuff you put there of our class was still there. It

rick feldman-this is really rockin

Roy McKnerney-What a wonderfully creative web page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vincent-Mr. krygier`s awesome

Ellie-Hey Mr.K ! Just stoppen by to tell you Happy New Years !

Susan Brandon-Hi! I'm a 5th grade teacher from Tampa, FL. I was "surfing the net" looking for creative teaching ideas and came across your web site. I love it! I think that displaying your children's work is great! How did you set up this site? I'm in the planning stag

Susan Coffey-Hi Mr. Krygier, I showed Emma your site. Its terrific!

LoriAnn Pesci-Love the Web site. It is a real life saver when you cant find the spelling words or when youre not sure when a test is. Thank you for all your efforts.

Alice-Hi Mr. Krygier! You were a great teacher. From, Alice =)

Christopher P.- I really like your wed site Mr. Kriger! But how come you don't have pictures of the 1999-2000 class?

Samson Huang-Good job on this website. It must of took you a long time to make it.

Rajini Reddy-It's great

Mrs. Azar-Hi John! What a great site! I love the music.

Bobby-This is a good website

Wendy Sefcik-Fantastic Web Page!

Kim Romola-I am helping Maureen Lake with the yearbook. I will be taking pictures around the school, so I went into the teachers websites to find out more about upcoming events. Your website was very helpful. Thanks. I will be stopping by one of the specials on your

Chris R-Nice site, great for the kids, and the parents Chris R

Parth-hello Mr Kryger. I am Helis brother. Pl reply me

David Goldstein- Thank you for teaching me. Nikole

Gianna S-Mr.K the people I know that are in your class say they love the activties you play and do. You must be a grate teacher!!

Tiffany H-Hey Mr.K... It has been three years since Ive been in your class and I still remember most of that year, I just cant believe Im in sixth grade right now. Love the new style to the website, keep it up! *.:Tiff:.*

Nikole's Mom-Mr K, you have been an inspirational teacher for Nik, I still remember my 3rd grade teacher, Ms Cartoon, she was just like you.....,took learning to a different level, and I believe that in 26 years Nikole will too remember you! Thank you, Jocelyne

Christopher P-I really enjoy your website Mr. Kirger. It is very nicly desined, ans has enspired me to make one of my own for my Boy Scout Patrol. Plese visut it at it will be open very soon! By they way, I was one of your students

David S-Hey Mr. K! I was looking for my Lazar Summer Homework (Im entering 6th grade) and remembered your website. It seems much better since I was in 3rd grade. Have a great summer!

Holly-I absolutely love your website. I am a student teacher and graduate in May. I am looking forward to learning how to put together a web page for my future students. I have been telling all my college friends to check out this web site because it has been v

Jack Paruta-Hi Mr. Krygier, Your website is a great place to visit and a handy tool for us parents! Thanks!

Debbie Lamanna-Dear Mr. Krygier, Alexa and I loved your web site!!! We thought it was very creative! Debbie and Alexa Lamanna

Michael C-Hi Mr. Krygier, we are now on your website, and will be using it often, as a study tool, for Michael. Please write back!!!!