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The following items are what your child will need for the school year. The reasons for having some of the items will be (was) discussed on the first day of school. Please try to label all belongings (even the smallest ones) with your child's name or initials.

• 1-2 inch binder (3 rings) with dividers and loose leaf paper

• 6 folders (Label Each: “Math”, “Science”, “Social Studies”, “Homework”. Keep the other 2 folders unlabeled) Please make sure the folders are separate from the binder = able to remove from binder.

• A bookbag without wheels- those w/ wheels will not fit in a locker

• 5 composition-bound notebooks (Label Each: “Math”, “Science”, “Social Studies”, “Grammar”, and “Vocabulary”)

• 1 bendable pencil case with 1 dozen sharpened pencils, 1 dozen black/blue pens, erasers, yellow highlighter, and a small pencil sharpener with a lid)

• 2 boxes of facial tissues

• 1 package of markers w/ the 8 basic colors

• 4 Book covers (no self-adhesive/“wallpaper” style)

• 1 jar of Hand Sanitizer/Purell (8 fl oz. or more)

Optional Items: Small box of crayons, scissors, pocket size dictionary/thesaurus, old tennis balls, adjustable shelf for locker, wipe-off white board for locker, letter stencils

• 1 flashdrive