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Dear Parents: My spelling lists are a combination of common words and vocabulary learned in the other subject areas (social studies, science, math, grammar, etc.) Below is a list of suggested activities to help your child better prepare for the Friday Test.

1. ABC Order-Write words in alphabetical order
2. Rainbow Words-Write words in three colors
3. Silly Sentences-Use all the words in 5-7 sentences
4. Story Words-Write a short story using all the words
5. Wordsearch-Make a wordsearch with all the words and have a classmate find them
6. Crossword-Same as a wordsearch, but write definitions as clues off the words
7. Words-in-Words-Write one longer spelling word and then locate other words that can be made from only those letters
8. Pasta Words-Write the words using alphabet pasta
9. Cheer Your Words-Child pretends he/she is a cheerleader while chanting out the spelling of words
10. Sound Your Words-Child records him/her orally spelling words onto a tape. He/she can listen afterwards and check.
11. Other Handed-Write spelling word with opposite hand. The slowness of this will help with remembering.
12. Telephone-Translate the words into number from a telephone keypad
13. Flashcards-Use index cards for students to practice on their own.
14. Repetition-Write the word twenty times in a row.
15. Code Words-Number the alphabet 1 to 26, hen convert the words into a number code.
16. Etching-Use an Etch-A-Sketch to write words
17. Using Guide Words-Locate word in a dictionary as fast as she/he can.
18. Scramblers-Have a partner scramble the letters. Then she/he writes the correct spelling.
19. Shaving Cream Practice- An easy way to clean those dirty work tables clean is to let the children finger paint on the table tops. Have the students practice their spelling words in the shaving cream.
20. Scrabble Spelling- Place the wooden letter squares from an old Scrabble game on the Scrabble rail. Students can use the squares to spell the weekly words or to write a sentence of words. Incorporate math practice by having them add the number values printed on the squares to find the week's "most valuable word."
21. Spelling Bingo- Get a blank bingo card for a fun activity. As an adult reads each word, students write it in a space of their choice. After giving all the words, the adult then calls words randomly until someone calls, "BINGO!" The winner must say the correctly spelled words that gave him the win.
22. Alpha-Bit Spelling- Students use cereal to reproduce their spelling words. Don't forget to have a snack with the words you make.
23. Pipe cleaners- Children use these to form their spelling words.