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Read Some Reviews Written By My Third Grade Classes

All the following components contribute to the students' overall reading grades:
***Guided Reading- Students are placed in various groups and read leveled novels and complete various activities. All work is completed in class.
***Novel Tests- In class, we also read a novel together. After the completion of a certain number of chapters, the class is tested on their comprehension.
***Novel Homework- Comprehension questions are given out after every 2 chapters read in class. This is approximately once a week.
***Vocabulary Quizzes- Students learn a new vocabulary word each day. They are encouraged to use these words in their everyday speaking and writing. After every 12 words, students are given a quiz.
***Independent Worksheets- Twice a week, each student is given a worksheet which includes a short story and various questions to answer.
***General Homework- Occasionally, students recieve homework in various reading skill areas: idioms, affixes, genres, metaphors, analogies, etc.
***Reading Journals- Students are expected to read reguarly independent books. They will then write letters to their teachers about feelings and connections they have made.