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Explore Science

Body Systems Links:

How the Body Works
Human Anatomy Maps
Label the Bones
Skeleton Game
Bones Game
Build a Skeleton
Muscles Game
Test Your Reflexes
3-D Videos of Heart/Lungs
You Tube of Circulation
Map of the Human Heart
Organize Your Digestive Organs

Cells Links:

Inside A Cell
Animal vs Plant Cell
Cells Alive
Animal Cell Structure

Matter Links:

Periodic Table Game
Element Quiz
Quiz Elemental Quiz
Find the Element
Cool Periodic Table
Elements Song

Classification Links:

Do You Know Your Animal Groups
The 6 Kingdoms
Animal Kingdom
Dichotomous Key

Physics Links:

Amusement Park Physics
Baseball Physics

Space Links:

The Planets
Kids' Astronomy
Mr. K's Solar Quest
Kids' Space
Planet Tic-Tac-Toe
Amazing Space
Solar System Quiz

Weather Links:

Weather Wiz Kids
Weather Dude
Weather Trivia Quizzes

Earth Science Links:

Kids Geo
Earthquakes For Kids

Dinosaur Links:

Dinosaur Quizzes
Kids Dinos
Prehistoric Life
Dinosaur Central
Dino Directory
Dinosaur Pictures
Dinosaur Fun Games

Other Science Links:

Nye Labs
The Yuckiest Site
Science Bob
Virtual Microscope
Extreme Science
Sunsite Funsite
Kids Science Challenge

Explore Social Studies

U.S. States Links:

States Match Game
State Nicknames Game
State Tetris
States Concentration
Place The States
Multiple Choice State Capitals
USA Trivia
Do You Know USA?
Place The State
Test Your USA Knowledge
Locate the State
Capitals Word Search
Capitals Concentration
State Abbreviations Game
50 States Game
United States Hangman
Unusual USA Tourist Places

Washington, D.C. Links:

Tour of Washington D.C.
Washington D.C.
White House Kids

Government Links:

3 Branches of Govt
Ben Franklin's Guide to Government
Branches of Government

Revolution/Colonial Links:

Movie: Start of Rev War
Flags of the Revolution
Colonial Times in America
Colonial Kids

Presidential Links:

Presidential Hangman
Name That President
Information About U.S. Presidents

World Links:

Browse the World
Mr. K's Green (Continent) Challenge
Your Name in Chinese
Culture Quest

Native American Links:

Native American Games

Other Social Studies Links:

Tour of Ellis Island
Mr. K's Community Challenge
Time For Kids

Computing Mathematics

Create A Graph
Math Tricks
Math Facts Links:

A Plus Math Games
Multiplication Practice
Math Baseball

Word Problems Links:

Challenging Word Problems
More Word Problems

Money Links:

Making Change (Money)
US Mint Site For Kids

Other Math Links:

Math 4 Kids
Cool Math
AAA Math: Fifth Grade

Learning Language Arts

Writing/Spelling Links:

Idioms Game
Idiom Site
Cursive Writing Animations
Rhyming Dictionary
ABC Order Game
Over 2000 Compound Words

Grammar Links:

Sentences Game
Grammar Gorillas
Mad Libs-Parts of Speech
Noun Explorer Game
Brain Pop Nouns
Possessive Nouns Quiz
Pronouns Quiz
Helping Verbs Quiz
Irregular Verbs Game
Direct Objects Quiz

Reading Corner

Author Links:

Dav Pilkey
Roald Dahl
Lois Lowry, Official Site
Lois Lowry
Katherine Paterson
Louis Sachar

Other Reading Links:

Charlotte's Web Quiz
Book Hive

General Links

Other Links:

Cedar Hill School
4 Kids Cool Spots
Fact Monster
Enchanted Learning
Magic School Bus
Ask Jeeves Kids
Cyber Chase Games

Other Links:

Kids Now It
Educating Jane
Learning Planet
Family Education
Discovery Kids