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     1. While resource centers like Sylvan can provide needed assistance, they are more costly and have less 1 on 1 interaction.
     2. I have previous experience in resource centers and have tutored varous age levels: from first grade emergent reading to high school SAT prep.
     3. There is no specialization. I am willing to tutor any subject area.

     1. For Cedar Hill students, times can be arranged after school, before school, recess, or weekends.
     2. For students in the Rockaway-Denville-Montville area, the best times would be on the weekends or after school.
     3. Summers are excellent too!- any time is available.

 Who Do I Tutor?
     1. All grades
     2. For students who are struggling or for those who need to be challenged more

     1. It varies based on subject matter, location, and scheduled times.
     2. All rates are negotiable.

 How Do I Find Out More?
     1. Contact me at school or through email. CONTACT ME  In your email, include Name, Town, Grade, and Subject Matter needed for tutoring.

 Also Available
     1. Learn how to build a website like this one. Whether a child or an adult, you can master the basics of HTML coding and make great pages using a free server like Tripod.