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Students are given homework every weekday. Extra-credit and long term projects may be assigned on Fridays. Students usually receive 2 or 3 separate items. They can be dittos, workbook pages, or tasks that need to be completed on separate white-lined paper. The total time to complete the homework varies, but should take about 40-50 minutes on the average.

Each morning, the students write their homework down in their assignment pads. These pads are taken home every night and need to be signed by a parent. If homework is too hard or easy, parents can write me notes in the designated spots in the pads. As students work on their morning activities, I call groups to put away their belongings-including turning in homework. It is the student's responsibility to remember this because homework is considered tardy if it is turned in after 8:45.

I realize that even the best students forget to do homework once in a while. However, as a fifth grader, he/she must be responsible enough to complete anything that is incomplete. When an assignment is turned in late, the student does get credit, but loses points on the assignment. For example, a check plus becomes a check, and a check becomes a check minus.

If a student completes an assigment and it has numerous mistakes,it may be returned to the student for a "REDO". The child will have one extra day to complete the assignment. If a REDO is not returned, it is considered an imcomplete. So parents please monitor all papers that come home on a nightly basis.

Incomplete assignments are written on the white board in the upper left corner. This serves as a reminder for students and myself. Students will not be sent to Quiet Study to complete any missing homework. It is to be made-up that night at home.

If there is an emergency, and your child was not able to complete homework that night, simply write me a note. I will give that student the extra day to complete the missing assignment(s).

Each student should try the TPSDBHCQ method of doing homework.
Twin Pigs Sing Duets, Big Hogs Chant Quietly.
Maybe that sentence can help you remember the name of this system. The system actually stands for this....

T=TIME Have a certain time you do your homework each and every day. Don't keep changing it.
P=PLACE Have a certain place for doing your homework, preferably in a quiet, well-lit room at a desk with a comfortable chair.
S=SUPPLIES Keep supplies such as pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, paper, scissors, glue, etc. nearby. That way you don't waste time getting up every few minutes to find such things.
D=DISTRACTIONS Avoid or get rid of distractions- no TV, no radio, no phone calls.
B=BREAK DOWN Break down large assignments or projects into smaller steps. Complete 1 or 2 steps each day, instead of doing the whole project in one night.
H=HELP Have a list of people and places to call when you need help; parents, homework partners, homework websites, etc.
C=COMPLETE Complete as much as possible; place marks beside questions you don't understand; skip them and come back to them later.
Q=QUESTION Write questions for the teacher on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the assignment.