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Here are some of the problems with Harold's studying:
1) Harold is listening to music while reading. When you study, you should try to remove as much sound as you can.
2) There is a TV on in the other room. Not only is this extra noise, but Harold might get distracted and watch the television instead of studying.
3) Harold needs to use a table or desk to study. Laying down on the couch may make Harold fall asleep easily.
4) Harold is away from the light. It is not good for your eyes to be reading without a light right next to you.
5) Harold's other books are on the floor. They should be placed in a spot that is easy to reach.
6) There are no pencils, paper, or other supplies with Harold. He may want to take notes of what is being read.
7) Harold should have a bottle of water or a glass of something to drink nearby. If he gets thirsty, while studying, Harold won't have to get up and go to the kitchen. This wastes time!
If you notice any other problems with Harold's studying, please e-mail them to me for extra credit. (