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Most people find that both listening to and following directions is a very useful skill. It is a skill that we use both at home and in school. Probably all of us have a story about a time when we did not follow directions and then ended up in trouble. Can you think of a time when either yourself or someone else did not follow directions and then ended up in a mess?

How can we improve our ability to follow directions?
1. We can read the directions very carefully.
2. We can be sure to read all the directions once and then ask questions if we do not understand something.
3. We can listen very carefully when someone is giving us directions instead of trying to guess at what those directions might be.
4. We can listen to all of the directions that someone gives us and then if we do not understand what we have heard we can ask questions.
5. If we cannot remember all of the directions then we can write them down.