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Inside The Classroom


Fifth grade is a totally different world from the previous years. First of all, fifth graders are like the "seniors" of Cedar Hill. Just like any other senior, he/she has many "perks". Each fifth grader has the opportunity to switch classes, as well as teachers. They also have their own locker to store their belongings. During the course of the year, he/she will participate in many activities that are exclusively for his/her grade. It can be a great time for all our students, however, he/she must know they serve as role models for the rest of the school. Therefore, the fifth grade teachers expect more in regards to behavior, positive attitude, and respect.

My Expectations For My Students

Parents and students alike always wonder what goals I have for the class year. It is my belief that education is not just simply learning facts. So here are a list of things I look for in each student:

My Expectations of Myself

It is so easy to expect so much from my students and not being accountable of my own actions. However, part of teaching is modeling. When a teacher shows commitment and caring, that attitude is easily adopted by the children. So here is a list of things that I look for in myself:

Some think that once you become a teacher, the "schooling" process is completed. However, since I became a teacher, I have learned so many new things. I am constantly experimenting with new ideas to see if the students will benefit from them. Each student and each class is different. Therefore, I must be willing to try different things. Hopefully, with this web site, I can share everything I learn and utilize.